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December 16 2019

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September 17 2019

A professor's self-immolation puts the spotlight on the fragile future of Russia's minority languages

Many people discussing Razin's death seem bewildered that anyone would use minority languages in daily life, let alone die for them—an attitude by no means limited to Russia.
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July 26 2018

  • vusayf asked: How different is Dari as a dialect from Farsi, if at all? Trying to learn, a wonderful Afghani community is a part of my new home

  • iranian-diaspora answered: Dari is the more ancient form of Farsi that was spoken centuries ago. Filler words for Farsi in Iran are French and filler words for Farsi in Afghanistan are Russian. There are differences but they’re mutually understandable

tumblr helped me learn english more than school did woah
respektvoll (via bintalghazi.tumblr.com)
— 成毛眞『日本人の9割に英語はいらない』 (via across the boundaries)

May 26 2018

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May 17 2018


historical-nonfiction: Just by looking at this map of Iran’s spoken languages, you can tell it has a long history of immigrations, migrations, and conquests. Pretty neat!

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October 30 2017

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mapsontheweb: “G” sound in different European languages.

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October 15 2017


October 12 2017


Thanks for uploading funny video! I think this comedian knows kanji very well. He smoothly wrote “鬱” (meaning: depression). Many people in Japan can’t write this character without help of dictionary.

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May 29 2017

fuubutsushi - (noun) An untranslatable Japanese word, fuubutsushi is defined as the positive anticipation of the feelings, scents, and imagery that evoke certain memories of an upcoming seasonal change.
wordsnquotes (via Booklover)
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May 14 2017


Appendix:Unicode/CJK Compatibility Ideographs - Wiktionary

“This page lists the characters in the ‘CJK Compatibility Ideographs’ block of the Unicode standard, version 9.0. This block covers codepoints from U+F900 to U+FAFF.”

March 09 2017

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Common Korean drama phrases
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February 23 2017


Revised Romanization of Korean - Wikipedia

“The Revised Romanization of Korean (국어의 로마자 표기법; gugeoui romaja pyogibeop; lit. "Roman-letter notation of the national language") is the official Korean language romanization system in South Korea proclaimed by Ministry of Culture and Tourism to replace the older McCune–Reischauer system. The new system eliminates diacritics in favor of digraphs and adheres more closely to Korean phonology than to a suggestive rendition of Korean phonetics for non-native speakers.”



June 20 2015


May 30 2015


Around the World in 30 Food Expressions - Sigalon's Gastronomy Soup

“When my latest book Edible French came out last fall and I gave away copies, you were entered by submitting your favorite food-related expression in any language you liked.

I know you share my love of languages so I wasn’t surprised to see you come through with dozens of curious and delicious expressions. Since then I’ve been meaning to draw a short selection to highlight in a post, and this is it! Many thanks to all who contributed, and feel free to share more in the comments!”


April 04 2015


“what's ‘comrade’ in persian?”

farsizaban answered:

Rafigh - رفیق

Iranian communists used that word, it literally means friend.

Japanese: dōshi (同志), which literally means a person who shares the same ideal. Leftist political movements have strikingly declined in today’s Japan, though.

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