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September 19 2019


Saudi Arabia and Russia among 37 states backing China's Xinjiang policy - Reuters

«Saudi Arabia, Russia and 35 other states have written to the United Nations supporting China’s policies in its western region of Xinjiang, according to a copy of the letter seen by Reuters on Friday, in contrast to strong Western criticism.

China has been accused of detaining a million Muslims and persecuting ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang, and 22 ambassadors signed a letter to the U.N. Human Rights Council this week criticising its policies.

But the letter supporting China commended what it called China’s remarkable achievements in the field of human rights.»

February 01 2015



一人の母親として、イランの社会やメディアで活動しているアーテフェ・タルガーニーさんが、現在、ISISの人質となっている後藤健二さんの母、石堂順子さんに書簡を送りました。この書簡は英語と日本語でいくつかのニュースサイトやブログで公開されています。 ...

July 02 2013


Edward Snowden's letter to the president of Ecuador – full text

“Text of a letter by Edward Snowden to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa. Written in Spanish; obtained and translated by the Press Association, London”, undated.
  • @GeorgieBC: Ecuador denounces bug in London embassy, says Snowden letter to Correa was released by the press before received.

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