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June 13 2017


June 07 2017

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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June 06 2017

June 03 2017

May 18 2017


May 16 2017


@msf_yemen: @MSF teams in #Yemen are still receiving & treating a growing number of #cholera & acute watery diarrhoea patients.

March 13 2017


March 03 2017


alien-search-and-rescue-team: Map of recorded UFO sightings around the world

February 17 2017


What new viruses are emerging in your backyard?


from nprglobalhealth.tumblr.com (via we-are-star-stuff):

If you’re a germaphobe, make sure you’re sitting down.

Back in 1999, a woman in California cleaned up rodent droppings in her home. Two weeks later, her liver started failing. Then she started to bleed internally — a hemorrhagic fever that would kill her. Eventually doctors found a new virus in her body, which very likely came from a rat.

A few years later, a man in Arizona went to the hospital. The skin on his legs was infected and dying. Doctors had to amputate. His diagnosis? A new kind of leprosy.

Over in the Midwest, the problem has been new tick-borne diseases, some deadly. And in New England, doctors are dealing with a disease that causes Lyme-like symptoms but is caused by a different bacteria.

The pattern continues across the country and across the world. A spike in new infectious diseases is the new normal.


February 14 2017


thecryptidfiles: Concentration of UFO sightings in the Netherlands 1994 - 2016

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June 27 2015


June 17 2015


June 06 2015

Top google searches in Europe.

Norway - to study
Poland - to travel
Germany - BMW
France - croissant
Ireland - funeral
Ukraine - prostitute
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May 24 2015

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Map: import regulations on Japan’s food products around the world (source: whitefood.co.jp)

  • red: countries that ban import of some food items

  • orange: countries that demand radiation check on Japanese foods or run check by themselves

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May 17 2015


@kitahamamikiya: テレビや新聞で報道されない真実をご覧下さい

May 16 2015


Myanmar (via gaajel.tumblr.com) According to the original post by asianmuslim:

  • More than 1 million people in Myanmar identify as Rohingya, a predominantly Muslim group living mainly in Rakhine State on the country’s western coast.

  • The military government says the Rohingya are not a genuine ethnic group but are Bengali migrants whose presence is an unwelcome legacy of colonial times.

  • Rohingya are denied citizenship, freedom to travel, access to education and other benefits in Myanmar, though they have sometimes been allowed to vote. In a country where anti-Muslim sentiment is widespread, they are often persecuted.

  • The government insists that it is not encouraging an exodus, but the Rohingya say Myanmar’s policies are driving them to flee. They accuse local officials of complicity in migrant trafficking.

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May 11 2015


Police Killings Over The Last 16 Months

Tags: Map US Police Abuse
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May 08 2015


日本の放射能汚染地図 2011年4月 (via @komatsunotsuma)

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