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May 17 2018


Israeli 'Massacre' in Gaza Paid for by the US - Sputnik International

“On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Daoud Kuttab, an award-winning Palestinian journalist, and Ali Abunimah, the co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and author of the book The Battle for Justice in Palestine.”

“Today is Nakba Day, or Yawm an-Nakba, the ‘Day of Catastrophe,’ commemorated on May 15, the day after Israel's declaration of independence. The day commemorates the estimated 700,000 Palestinians who fled or were expelled and the hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages that were depopulated or destroyed. These refugees and their descendants now number more than 2 million. At least 60 Palestinians were killed yesterday and thousands wounded in demonstrations in Gaza over Nakba Day. What were the global reactions to this ‘massacre’?”

September 18 2017


diaspora: We will never forgive, and we will never forget. Massacres won’t stop our fight for freedom.

September 17 2017


fuckyeahmarxismleninism: The Sabra and Shatila massacre, which occurred between September 16-18, 1982, saw the slaughter of nearly 3,500 civilians, mostly Palestinians and Lebanese Shiites. Hundreds of members of the Phalange party — a Lebanese fascist militia — in collaboration with the Israeli army, slaughtered Palestinians, mostly women, children, and the elderly, in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp located in Beirut. The massacre took place under the command of Israeli Gen. Ariel Sharon with active collaboration from the U.S.


August 08 2017







— Pars Today: 世論調査で、アメリカ人がイランへの核攻撃を支持 (2016年5月28日)

August 07 2017


アメリカ・ロンポール研究所「アメリカの戦争において、民間人の殺害は長い歴史がある」 - Pars Today

“ロンポール研究所のインターネットサイトは…「アメリカはなぜ、良心の呵責にさいなまれずに中東全土で民間人の殺害を続けられるのか? その答えは簡単である。これらのアメリカの兵士の祖父の世代も、第二次世界大戦で多数の民間人を殺害し、しかも当時、彼らは民間人の殺害が戦争による副次的な被害であると見せようとはせず、むしろ都市や民間人を攻撃することは、アメリカの政策の一部だった」としました”




June 20 2015


“What insanity.
What a futile loss.
Justice is not enough. They’re not coming back.”

— from momo33me.tumblr.com (Jun. 19 2015)

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kkkops: The South Carolina capital building still flies the confederate flag. It’s 2015.

Twitter screenshots from revolutionarykoolaid.tumblr.com:

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May 22 2015


【graphic】 Oyoun Qarra Massacre, 20 May 1990

“In the early hours of Sunday, May 20th, 1990, a group of 100 Palestinian labourers from the Gaza Strip were waiting at the Oyoun Qarra (Rishon Lezion) bus stop to be transported to their working place. An Israeli occupation soldier, Ami Popper, from nearby Rishon Lezion Zionist colony approached the workers and asked them for their IDs. After making sure all the workers were Palestinians, Popper lined them up, asked them to kneel down in 3 lines and using his M16 sub-machine gun he opened fire killing 7 on the spot and injuring others. When the Israeli police finally arrived to the scene of the massacre, they started beating the Palestinians workers who had survived the death machine. On that day, later known as ‘Black Sunday’, at least another 6 Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces in subsequent demonstrations while protesting the massacre.”momo33me

May 15 2015


April 23 2015


Leaked emails expose Sony concern over report its cameras used in Gaza attack | The Electronic Intifada

“Nothing to be alarmed at right now but, while Michael was out I worked with Nicole on a story that broke from Iran Press. They alleged that Sony CCTV’s were being used as a part of the guidance system for Israeli rockets that were bombing Gaza. In fact they held up part of the camera housing for all to see. Social media then mentioned Kaz Hirai and a couple of other Sony execs. We also noted a 12 August Facebook posting mentioning Michael and Amy (only 3 people ‘liked’ the post). It was not threatening and it has not materialized. The entire matter seems to have calmed. We will continue to monitor this.”

Fwd: 12 August Gaza Facebook Post - mention of Michael and Amy


“... [in the report from Iran’s Press TV] reporter Halla Alsafadi talks about visiting the Gaza village of Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis, where dozens of civilians had been killed by Israeli forces that had been besieging it.

At one point, Alsafadi holds up a piece of equipment that looks like it came from the head of a missile, drone or bomb.

‘This is another part of an F-16 rocket,’ Alsafadi states. ‘It is made in Japan, it states this very clearly. “Sony” and made in Japan. There is a camera right in front of this piece of a rocket. With this camera, they actually choose their target and kill their target.’

While the item Alsafadi is holding does appear to be a camera affixed to a missile part, she does not hold it close enough to the TV camera for the markings she quotes to be seen by the viewer.

In September, the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, a nonprofit group that tracks ‘the human rights abuse and advances of companies around the world,’ said Sony ‘would not respond to the allegations’ in the Press TV report.

But according to the group, Sony told Japanese media that it ‘does not design, manufacture, or sell weapons or any products intended for use in weapons.’

It is not surprising that Sony would not want its equipment associated with the Israeli military since Amnesty International has said Israeli forces displayed ‘callous indifference’ to civilian lives in Gaza in attacks amounting to ‘war crimes.’

But Sony’s lack of transparency raises the question of whether third parties are installing its equipment in weapons with or without its direct consent and whether it should exercise more control over end users.”

Leaked emails expose Sony concern over report its cameras used in Gaza attack (The Electronic Intifada, Apr. 20 2015)

March 23 2015


thepalestineyoudontknow: Alaa Abuzaid celebrating mother’s day in her own way. She lost her mother along with 9 other family members including her 3 years old brother during the israeli occupation offensive on Gaza 2014. She only recently recovered from the injuries she had.

February 11 2015


nowinexile: A Palestinian man creates a sand sculpture reading “Shujaiya,” the name of a neighborhood destroyed during Israel’s onslaught last summer, at the Gaza City beach.

November 15 2014


October 31 2014


October 27 2014


October 19 2014

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