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October 25 2018


Moscow Considers US Actions in S Syria 'Occupation' - Russian Foreign Ministry - Sputnik International

“Speaking at a regular briefing on Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the United States has occupied the southern part of Syria.

‘The situation in the northeast of Syria, where the US side is still trying to flirt with separatist-minded Kurdish groups, is concerning, as well as in the south of the country near Al-Tanf, where there is a de facto undisguised occupation by US forces of the territory of the sovereign Syrian state,’ she said.

The spokeswoman further stated that the militants who had found a ‘safe haven, a shelter in the 55-kilometer exclusive zone,’ established by the US, were extorting $2,000 dollars per person from civilians who wanted to leave the area.”

“Addressing Washington's potential withdrawal from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), Zakharova said that Russia was calling on all nations to send an ‘unambiguous’ signal to the US to preserve the agreement.

The diplomat stressed that Russia's missile programs, including development of cruise missiles, were carried out in full compliance with the treaty, and while Moscow intends to continue work with the agreement, Washington is unwilling to act on equal basis.

‘For several years, the American side has refused to provide any objective data supporting Washington's conclusions that the Russian 9M729 ground-based cruise missile that passed flight tests has the operating range banned by the treaty. We have repeatedly confirmed that the missile programs implemented by Russia fully meet our obligations under the INF Treaty,’ she underscored, adding that the development of the 9M729 cruise missile was transparent to the maximum affordable degree.

‘The American side was never able to present any evidence to either Russia or the international community to substantiate its claims. They remain unfounded and are provocative. And we reiterate that Russia strictly abides by the provisions of the treaty,’ she added.

‘Now we are forced to seriously warn Washington. If the American side undermines the treaty, Russia will have to react. We are ready to work on maintaining its [the INF] viability, but for this we need a partner who is responsible and interested in continuing the dialogue for the sake of world stability. A solution to the problem can only be found through a frank, equitable and, of course, constructive dialogue,’ she said.”

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May 29 2017


“Thousands of Israelis have staged a protest rally in Tel Aviv to express their support for an independent Palestinian state, condemning 50 years of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Israeli NGO Peace Now, one of the organizers of the demonstration, said the event was meant to denounce the lack of hope being offered by a regime ‘perpetuating occupation, violence and racism’.

‘The time has come to prove to the Israelis, the Palestinians and the entire world that an important segment of the Israeli population is opposed to occupation,’ said Peace Now head Avi Buskila.”

“Israeli opposition Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog also addressed the event and backed the idea of an independent Palestinian state as a solution to the decades-long conflict.

Herzog accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of having missed the opportunity to move forward with a ‘peace’ process.

‘The leadership in Israel today is driven first and foremost by fear. Fear of change; fear of daring; fear of initiative and fear of hope. Israel's prime minister is the chief fear-monger,’ he said.”

Israeli protesters support Palestinian state, urge end to occupation (PressTV, May 28 2017)

March 04 2017


September 21 2014


August 31 2014


August 26 2014


August 21 2014


August 19 2014


April 29 2014


April 06 2014


March 31 2014


January 01 2014


nowinexile says: Two Israeli settlers attack a Palestinian kid in the city of Hebron. The Israeli police reacted to the settlers’ violence by arresting the victim. An example of an everyday occurrence in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

December 14 2013


In photos: Palestinian Workers’ Everyday Nightmare at Israeli Checkpoints

These pictures were taken between 3:45am and 7am on 11 May 2013 and underline both the dehumanizing nature of the occupation and the resolve of the Palestinian people who face these hardships every day.

November 21 2013


September 30 2013

Palestinian women protesting against the occupation of Palestine in East Jerusalem, 1968.

September 13 2013


March 30 2013

Reports of the protest against China’s vicious and illegal occupation of Tibet emerged two days after Mr. Kunchok Tenzin, aged 28, engulfed in flames.
Latest Self-Immolation Defies China’s Crackdown (Tibettruth, Mar. 28 2013)

January 17 2013

China’s state news agency Xinhua yesterday said Chinese police in Tsoe region of eastern Tibet have ‘apprehended seven people for their alleged roles in convincing’ Sangay Gyatso, a local Tibetan villager to self-immolate. Sangay Gyatso, 27, set himself on fire near the Dokar Monastery on October 6, 2012 shouting slogans for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and freedom in Tibet. He passed away at the site of his protest following which monks and local Tibetans carried his charred body inside the Monastery premises. The Xinhua report cited a police statement as saying that the self-immolation protest was ‘masterminded by key members of the “Tibetan Youth Congress” of the overseas Dalai clique’ and also called Sangay Gyatso a ‘thief.’ ...‘TYC categorically rejects such baseless allegations by the Chinese government and demands the Chinese government to immediately work out a timeline to dismantle the illegal occupation of Tibet as demanded by the 96 Tibetan self-immolators,’ [TYC President Tsewang] Rigzin told Phayul.
TYC rejects China’s allegations as ‘baseless and fallacious’ (phayul.com, Jan. 16 2013)

December 10 2012


‘Tibet’s children victims of torture for political and religious beliefs,’ says new report

The 29-page report [Growing up under China’s occupation: the plight of Tibet’s children, released by Free Tibet and Tibet Watch] finds that children involved in non-violent protests have been subjected to violence, including in some instances the use of lethal force by Chinese authorities and further documents China’s “frequent, systematic and severe violations” of its commitments under international law.

The report notes that over two thirds of the 95 Tibetans who have self-immolated since 2009 demanding freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama are younger than 25 and have only ever known life under Chinese rule.

“A number of children, Tibetans under 18 years of age, have set themselves on fire in protest, some of whom have been confirmed dead,” the report says. “These acts of self-immolation are driven by the lack of recourse to freedom of expression, political or legal redress and must be seen as evidence that China's policies are not only failing Tibet's children and young people but China’s policies in Tibet are directly causing serious violations of the Convention.”

The report details multiple cases of children’s rights abuse and documents Tibetan children beaten, shot, imprisoned and killed for standing up for their rights; children orphaned, threatened and assaulted because their families resist China’s occupation; children denied the right to learn their language and culture, and “educated” to be second-class citizens in their own country; and children defying the authorities by demonstrating, sharing information, and even burning themselves to death.

Releasing the report, Free Tibet and Tibet Watch Director Stephanie Bridgen said “normal life and normal childhood” doesn’t exist in militarily occupied Tibet.

“The children of Tibet face all the challenges of life under occupation, and in many cases are full participants in the struggle to resist it,” Bridgen said. “That means they are also victims of the systematic and ever-present abuse of human rights in Tibet. On Human Rights Day, we hope we have been able to shine a light on victims whose suffering and struggle is rarely seen.”

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