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July 23 2018


i12bent: Gabriel Loppé (1825-1913): The Eiffel tower struck by lightning, 1902

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July 19 2018


from Ordinary Finds: Edgar Degas, Two Dancers

“The great French Impressionist Edgar Degas was born July 19, 1834 (d. 1917). Degas preferred to label himself a realist painter, and he is among the finest chroniclers of aspects of contemporary Parisian life. His canvases of the performing arts are his most famous works, particularly his numerous depictions of dancers.”


i12bent: July 19, 1900 – The first line of the Paris Métro opens for operation… Photo of the construction of the Paris Métro, ca. 1900

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May 22 2015


wasbella102: Brassaï Café d'Angleterre Paris 1931

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