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October 23 2019


VilaWeb: Eric’s story: an American resident faces deportation over a Catalan pro-independence flag

«On the day of the general strike in Catalonia, Eric was arrested by Spanish police when he demanded to have his pro-independence “estelada” flag returned to him after the officers found it in his pocket and seized it. For this reason he stands accused of terrorism, jihadism and human trafficking, and is also facing deportation. In addition, they are pressing criminal charges against him and he will be prosecuted for public disorder. The police claim he was in possession of two large metal nuts which he was carrying wrapped up in his flag. Eric categorically denies it. He and his wife believe it is an attempt to intimidate foreign residents, to scare them and discourage them from supporting Catalonia’s independence cause.»

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October 02 2019


Shooting of Children is never acceptable

Media statement from Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights, Oct. 2 2019


«The Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights is deeply concerned by several police shooting incidents and the use of live rounds during demonstrations across Hong Kong on 1 October. In one incident, an 18-year-old school boy was hit in the chest by a live bullet fired from close range by a police officer in Tsuen Wan. We are deeply distressed and note that the secondary school student is still under serious conditions.

Our Committee does not accept the explanation of the Commissioner for Police, Stephen Lo to the media last night that “the officer made the right decision in a split second”. We worry that it would normalize police shooting in handling protesters, particularly those involving children and young persons.

Our Committee objects to any kind of violence and would like to call on restraint from all parties, and an immediate end to the escalating use of force. The Commissioner of Police must clearly instruct frontline police officers that any use of arms must strictly follow international standards and police guidelines.

It is imperative that the HKSAR Government must address the recent shooting incidents by commissioning an immediate independent inquiry to ease the public worries, and to mend the serious social conflicts right now in Hong Kong.»

September 28 2019


September 26 2019


Amnesty International: Hong Kong: Arbitrary arrests, brutal beatings and torture in police detention revealed

«“The Hong Kong police’s heavy-handed crowd-control response on the streets has been livestreamed for the world to see. Much less visible is the plethora of police abuses against protesters that take place out of sight,” said Nicholas Bequelin, East Asia Director at Amnesty International.

“The evidence leaves little room for doubt – in an apparent thirst for retaliation, Hong Kong’s security forces have engaged in a disturbing pattern of reckless and unlawful tactics against people during the protests. This has included arbitrary arrests and retaliatory violence against arrested persons in custody, some of which has amounted to torture.”»


How Hong Kong police trained for riots – and why their response to protesters has been so violent


«The capture of police violence on mobile phone video and social media has not reined in the violence. Instead, the fact that the police are prepared to be filmed using such brutal tactics shows they understand they are immune from redress.

Hard to regain trust

However, the protesters remain resilient and undeterred. They too have learned lessons from 2014 – they are leaderless by design, both to prevent the police picking off the movement’s leaders and any falling out among different factions. They regularly outwit the police with their “like water” approach, inspired by Bruce Lee, dissolving away before the police arrive only to pop-up unexpectedly elsewhere. Their ingenuity and creativity have captured the public’s imagination.

The government’s repressive approach, by contrast, is backfiring. Many who might otherwise stay at home have been so angered by the government’s policing tactics that they too now come out in protest. They span all walks of life, from housewives to lawyers, accountants and businesspeople, and school and university students – and their orderly conduct undermines Beijing’s depiction of them as a violent, radical mob.

Frontline police officers not only face fatigue but doubts about the wisdom of exposing their families to public antagonism, as they continue to follow orders to fire tear gas into crowds which may contain neighbours, friends and relatives. The trust in police and rulers painstakingly built up in the aftermath of 1967 is being undone, and it is hard to see how it can be regained.»

September 23 2019


“The office [of the Commissioner of the Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong] said in a statement that anyone without bias will acknowledge that the people of Hong Kong are enjoying unprecedented democracy, rights and freedom under the law.”People’s Daily Online

September 22 2019

Broken bones, internal bleeding: Hong Kong police used ‘reckless, indiscriminate’ tactics during protests, says Amnesty

"...police officers meted out violence prior to and during arrests, even when the individual had been restrained. The use of force was clearly excessive, violating international human rights law."
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September 08 2019


@laurelchor [Sep. 7 2019]: At the Prince Edward Station memorial for the *rumored* murder of a protester by the police. I saw a middle-aged man sob in front of the flowers while a young woman he didn’t know comforted him. Many are still placing flowers. Police tore down this memorial yesterday.


@badiucao: HKers demand to publish the 31/8 cctv footage from Prince Edward Station where HK police brutally attacked protesters & residents. Protesters are missing from that night. Public worried they might b beaten to death by police.

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@badiucao: 7/9 Another bloody night in HongKong. Protesters got serious injury caused by the HK Police. Photo of a kid got beaten on the back of head by popo went viral on Twitter. Here is my drawing on it.


@PiggyinBlue: #Central Police threaten to raid the rally if the organiser doesn’t end it on the request of #HKPolice however there are thousands still jampacked the Garden Road. You can’t ask such a big number of people dismissed themselves in a short time. Common sense.

September 07 2019


August 31 2019


shocking: Hong Kong police brutality. video via @hoccgoomusic.

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August 28 2019


July 17 2018


morality police in Iran

from iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com (Jul. 14 2018):

… she [Masih Alinejad] has posted multiple videos of “morality police harassing women in Iran” for their attire. She has spread the following video (i’m not tech savvy and idk how to embed videos from twitter so here’s a GIF):


She has tweeted this video saying that the two women on the right are members of Iran’s morality police and were harassing the woman on the left for not dressing properly, so she removed her hijab in response. The women on the right are not members of Iran’s morality police and considering Alinejad has lived in Iran, she should know what members of the morality police look like:


Women in the morality police wear dark green veils under their chadors and also wear a badge signifying their status. While I do not agree with policing women for how they dress and do not support the compulsory hijab law, I also don’t like fake, self-proclaimed activists such as Alinejad who are funded by western media outlets, which are controlled by pro-war politicians, who use and spread these lies to justify war/regime change in Iran.

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  • catchymemes: Morality Police in Iran tells a woman she’s not wearing hijab correctly. So the woman takes her hijab off completely.

  • emvampyre: Hope she’s still alive.

  • iranian-diaspora: These women are not morality police, they are regular civilians. This lie was spread by Masih Alinejad, who receives funding from Western media outlets which are controlled by anti-Iran politicians who advocate for war with and regime change in Iran.

  • iranian-diaspora: Here is another propagandist lie spread by Masih Alinejad. Again, she falsely labels the three women on the right as morality police, despite being fully aware of what morality police look like. These women are just regular civilians. Again, I do not agree with policing women for how they dress, and Iranian women should be free to dress how they want, but these lies are peak western-feminism, which appropriates misogyny in Iran to justify regime change wars for installing favorable puppet dictators, and imperialism.

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October 18 2017


shocking. Spanish police violence against Catalan voter. video: @albertopradilla via @CataloniaHelp2

October 10 2017


@CataloniaHelp2: Spanish police tried to run over people who returned to the Parliament right now in Barcelona

@TassjaArt: Krass - frustrierte Policia Nacional aus #Spanien versucht Menschen auf der Strasse in #Barcelona zu überfahren.

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