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October 06 2018


biladal-sham: Iran. Tehran. Women in colorful chadors celebrate the end of the fasting month or Ramadan with the Fitr prayers. They read from the Qur’an. November 2006.

May 26 2018


May 24 2018


znbb: Me at iftar

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May 20 2018


merosezah: A Pakistani boy prays at a local mosque where arrangements are made for people to break their fast in Karachi, Pakistan. Muslims throughout the world are marking Ramadan, a month of fasting, during which observant Muslims abstain from food, drink and other pleasures from sunrise to sunset.


merosezah: Pakistani Muslim men serve Iftar food for Muslim devotees before they break their fast, during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan in Islamabad.


merosezah: Pakistani Muslims wait to break their fast during the holy fasting month of Ramadan on a street in Karachi.


merosezah: A Pakistani family waits to break their fast in the compound of Pakistan’s Mughal era Shahi Mosque during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

March 03 2018


June 12 2017


検索結果 ラマザーン月 聖なる月 - Pars Today





June 04 2017


Ramadan Tips for a Healthy Body

from thebeautyofislam.tumblr.com:

  • Understanding some basic nutrition science can help you stay healthy this Ramadan. Your body gets its energy (glucose) from food, and for 2-4 hours after you eat your energy will come from that food (after that your liver will release glucose to be turned into energy). Try to eat foods like potatoes, beans, vegetables, and grains at suhoor (breakfast); these foods are called complex carbohydrates and because they are ‘complex’ the body takes a longer time to turn them into glucose (energy) - giving you a long lasting source of energy.

  • Dates, and other fruits, are simple carbs meaning they’re digested quickly and are good for quick jolts of energy. Don’t eat them at suhoor, they’ll end up making you thirsty throughout the day, save them for when you break your fast to quickly recharge your system.

  • Invest in a once a day multivitamin that you can take at suhoor. Your body will be in famine for extended periods of time, and chances are you aren’t getting enough nutrition while you’re able to eat. A multivitamin can help make sure you fill in those gaps that your dinner isn’t covering.

  • Drink some water every hour you’re able to eat and drink. After that first gulp of water in the evening it’s easy to forget that you were dehydrated all day.

  • Exercise after iftar (dinnner); exercising while fasting will only make you more dehydrated and more fatigued. Your muscles can store glucose (energy) that they can use during exercise, but you’ll see the consequences, of exercising while fasting, when you’re not able to lift as much weight or run as far as you’d expect. You’re also more prone to cramping and injury while you’re fasting, so wait until after dinner to exercise if you can.

  • I know that halfway through the month it becomes harder to eat suhoor as you become more and more tired. My suhoor of choice, once it comes to that, is a protein lassi, which hydrates me and keeps me full the majority of the day. I mix water, greek yogurt, a scoop of protein powder, mango nectar, and a sprinkle of cardamom powder the night before, and once it’s time for breakfast I wake up drink the smoothie, pray, and then go back to bed.


May 29 2017


Tillerson rejects hosting Ramadan event at US State Dept.: Report

“On Friday, Tillerson marked the beginning of Ramadan in a statement, describing it as ‘a month of reverence, generosity, and self-reflection.’

US President Donald Trump also issued a statement, wishing ‘all Muslims a joyful Ramadan.’

However, the American head of state’s message was laced with warnings against terror and violence, even mentioning the recent bombing at a concert in the British city of Manchester.

Trump’s obsession with terrorism in his Ramadan message set him apart from his predecessors.

For example, former US President George W. Bush did not even mention the word ‘terror’ in his Ramadan message two months after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York.

Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric both before and after presidency has stirred outrage in the Islamic world.”

May 27 2017

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pinkabrar: Ramadan nights are always special, you can feel the good vibes in the air.

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May 25 2017



“イランをはじめとするイスラム諸国は、ラマザーン・断食月を迎えました。神はこの月を慈悲と恩恵の月とし、断食を呼びかけることで、すべての人を自らの宴に招いています。この月の偉大さを語る中で、イスラムの預言者はその月の昼と夜は、最も優れた昼と夜だとし、イスラム教徒に対して、この月の恩恵にあずかるよう、求めています” (第1回より)

June 23 2015


unrar: Ramadan in Medina, Saudi Arabia 1995, Kazuyoshi Nomachi.

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June 21 2015


sideentrance: The women’s section of Taraweeh at Aqsa in front of and inside of the ‪Dome of the Rock, the place where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. In effect, in one of the holiest cities, Muslim women are in the holiest spot.

  • lebaus: China bans fasting for the muslims May Allah swt curse them

  • abv-khvlid: May Allah hasten them to their destruction, filthy Oppressors

  • taqwiyatul-imaan: May Allah ‘Azzawajal curse these filthy tawagheet dhaalimoon. Ameen.

June 20 2015

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Gaza 2015 - 2nd day of Ramadan [source: above - below]

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frompalestinewithlove: Palestinian Christians distribute water to Palestinian Muslims who can’t make it home in time for Iftar because of Israeli checkpoints.

June 19 2015


standwithpalestine: Palestinians performed Taraweeh prayers in tents erected in the rubble of mosques destroyed by the Israeli occupation during its 51-day offensive on Gaza last summer, June 17, 2015.

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