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October 18 2019


Recently I found contents of a lot of text/link/quote posts in the past are missing (not the ones lost in the 2017 crush). Examples:


What does this mean? Will I see the contents of these posts again after the migration, or simply they are broken? If the latter, I must seriously consider moving to some other blog platform. Soup is too unreliable…

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September 26 2019

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October 06 2018


@nudin’s reaction to @simonsayer

It's not russian but British and is wasn't 8 minutes long but 12, but 4 minutes went lost. Wikipedia contains the full film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_in_Wonderland_(1903_film)
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August 21 2018


I’m glad you gave me an unexpected reaction. Here is a live version - Montreux Jazz Festival 2016.

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July 07 2018

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I’m surprised to see amazing number of people sharing the tweets about Japanese people’s behavior. I’m glad, of course, but in today’s Japan some right-wing elements often boast arrogantly about virtue of Japan; after the 2011 earthquake, I saw Japanese Tumblr users sharing a post that expressed strong contempt for Koreans, comparing their way of behavior at a time of disaster with the Japanese one. I hope people in Japan react to the praise from overseas with a humble attitude - most people will do so, though.

July 06 2018


July 02 2018


June 23 2018


@kitsunesoba’s reacton to: I got interested in Chapagetti after watching the TV ad…

You definitely need to try it! Would be nice if you share with me your opinion after trying.
I've just watched that ad. 와! Now I feel like purchasing Chapagetti again for a double-check. ;-)
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@kitsunesoba’s reacton to: en.wikipedia.org: Chapagetti (Korean: 짜파게티) is a brand of…

I remember seeing it for the first time in the movie Castaway on the Moon (김씨 표류기). It looked so mouthwateringly appetising... I had to try it. And I did. But somehow the taste didn't meet my (a bit bloated) expectations and that made me sort of disappointed. I'm very curious about non-instant version, I'll have to try it too.
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I got interested in Chapagetti after watching the TV ad uploaded to twitter by user @HallyuWebsite. I think I have to try it too! Though it’s unfortunate that this ramyeon didn’t suit your taste, I’ve read a Japanese blogger writing she tried and enjoyed it.

June 14 2018


March 24 2018


His mention to Japan is inaccurate and misleading. Japan’s premodern marriage system is different from the Islamic one under the sharia - the official wife was only one, but keeping multiple secondary wives was allowed. The legal status of the latter was weaker than the former. In the Meiji Era, such a practice was delegitimized and monogamy was established with the introduction of the western-style civil code. The Imperial Household also abolished the traditional system in the Taisho Era.

Many Muslims try to defend Prophet Muhammad against the pedophilia allegation with interpretations of Quran and Hadith. I don’t know whether their argument is historically correct; but anyway, it’s a fact that there is a contradiction between what they say and the practice - why can they claim Islam respects women’s rights, when they praise a man with 22 wives as God’s holy messenger?

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March 19 2018

Prohibiting guns may reduce mass shootings but not mass murders. Countries in which assault rifles were banned (e.g. Australia) faced a dramatic increase in arson and truck attacks. Prohibiting guns is fighting symptoms but not the cause - which is level 1 thinking.
— @flau’s reaction to @sofias

February 13 2018

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Just like the old gypsy woman said.

[reaction to tichga’s photo post]

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October 12 2017


Thanks for uploading funny video! I think this comedian knows kanji very well. He smoothly wrote “鬱” (meaning: depression). Many people in Japan can’t write this character without help of dictionary.

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so he defended Israel’s vicious war crimes…


October 09 2017


Sorry for replying too late. I wanted to post a reaction for myself but you gave me your question before that.

My favorite things about Japan - 1) people’s curiosity about science and technology; 2) unique food culture; and 3) feelings of solitude shown on some classical literary works.

1) This enabled people to reconstruct the country after the destruction of WWII. I think many of Japan’s technology giants, e.g. Sony and Panasonic, were developed by people of tech otaku.

2) Since I started viewing photos from various food cultures on the Internet, I’ve always felt - what an odd dish we’re eating in Japan! But this is our tradition anyway. Fortunately, many people overseas seem to love Japanese cuisine for many reasons.

3) From a stereotyped notion about Japan, people may say the essence of our culture is so-called bushido; but there was a time of aristocratic rule before entering the era of bushi. A lot of female writers and/or poets appeared during this period. My favorite literary work of this time is Ise Monogatari (伊勢物語), a collection of short love stories with waka poems. Every time I read these stories, I think of a deep solitude shared among readers historically through the work - it may be hard to understand for foreign readers, though. Reading Ise Monogatari, I hear in my imagination some of Leonard Cohen’s songs.

To tell the truth, I was aware of your message but didn’t reply because I wanted to give a good answer to your comment on “mated” in your previous reaction. Once I tried but the text got longer and longer and lost the point. Now I simply want to raise a question - do you know the Japanese word konkatsu (婚活) ? Many of women and men in this country are searching for a marriage partner with the help of match-making companies. For a brief summary, see this article. Further, here.

I guess the movement was originally inspired by Speed Dating in the West. Anyway, I don’t like this phenomenon because people strongly want marriage status recognized by society, not soulmate. Some people in Japan’s media criticize the tendency too.

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