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August 02 2018

Do not disobey Allah for the sake of someone you love. Because the heart of the one you love is in the control of The One you disobey
ummomar (via In-Allah-We-Believe)

“The One you disobey” = Satan? Does the author say a friendship or marriage between Muslim and non-Muslim is Satan’s trap?! If so, I can’t believe this is a remark by a person living in the 21st century…


“I maintain that truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or coerce people along a particular path.

I do not want followers, and I mean this. The moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth. I am not concerned whether you pay attention to what I say or not. I want to do a certain thing in the world and I am going to do it with unwavering concentration. I am concerning myself with only one essential thing: to set man free. I desire to free him from all cages, from all fears, and not to found religions, new sects, nor to establish new theories and new philosophies.”

— Jiddu Krishnamurti, 1929

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July 19 2018


You’ve sinned.

“You’ve sinned so much. So much that it seems like there is no ray of hope of forgiveness anymore. O withered soul, what caused you to do such?…” - I’ll read it later, but tbh this online sermon seems to be a translation of Paul’s doctrine into Islam.


June 25 2018

Tell people about your religion without the use of your tongue.
Ja’far Al-Sadiq (via bintalghazi.tumblr.com)
Tags: Religion

June 03 2018


Jewish Life in Iran

from mideastnrthafricacntrlasia.tumblr.com (via iranian-diaspora):

  1. Iranian Jews attending a ceremony during the Jewish holiday of Purim at the Mashhadiha synagogue in Tehran.

  2. Iranian rabbi Yousef Kohan Hamedani, at the wedding ceremony of Peyman Saketkhu and Sanaz Merivarzadeh at a synagogue in Tehran.

  3. A Jewish Iranian doctor looks at the documents of his Muslim patient at the Jewish community’s Dr Sapir Hospital and Charity Centre in Tehran.

  4. Iranian Jewish pilgrims visit the tomb of Esther and Mordecai in Hamadan, Iran.

  5. Iranian Jewish students carry holy books in a Jewish school.

  6. Iranian Jewish men at daily prayer in a synagogue in Isfahan.

  7. A young Iranian Jew in a synagogue in Kerman.

  8. An Iranian Jewish man gets ready to attend morning prayers. The name of Allah can be seen on the wall to the left.

  9. Torah with Persian translation.

  10. Hediyeh, a young Iranian Jewish girl, prays. An image of Imam Ali, a Muslim saint, can be seen in the background.

April 12 2018


“Do you believe that there is only one God? Good! The demons also believe - and tremble with fear.” — James 2:19, Good News Bible 1976

March 22 2018


March 06 2018


“Jesus in Islam seems to be a character that doesn't fit in. He has a virgin birth yet God is not his father. The idea of the virgin birth was copied from Christianity whereas it wasn't in the oldest gospel.”

“The idea of Jesus having a virgin birth – This story does not exist in the oldest Gospel Mark, but actually appears later on in the gospel of Matthew and Luke. When we look at the 4 gospels in order from oldest (Mark) to newest, we see how Jesus goes from barely a hint of being God in Mark to ‘In the beginning Jesus was God’ in John which is the last gospel. If it was clear that Jesus had a virgin birth, why didnt Mark mention it? Why was it not mentioned until Matthew, 70 years after the supposed event.

This idea of virgin birth has been around in antiquity, Horus in ancient Egypt being born to the virgin Isis and many other stories. This is how religions come about, they copy each other.

Muhammad took an idea that was invented to promote Jesus being God (having a virgin birth) and included it in the Quran.”

Jesus - The Copy-Pasted Prophet from Christianity

October 09 2017

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thetrippytrip: I wish the world would understand..

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July 31 2017


July 23 2017

  • Asked by Anonymous:

    What is your view on the persecution of Bahai's in Iran, from a Shia perspective? It's a relatively small minority, but some of my relatives in Iran have been imprisoned or killed by radicals for their religious beliefs. Bahai's are denied freedom of religious practice in Iran, many of the holy sites have been destroyed, and Bahai's are denied access to higher education. I personally don't know much about Shia teachings, how does this persecution stand according to your religious views?

  • zanabism:

    I’m not Irani, so my knowledge of Baha'i persecution is extremely limited. I did have a Baha'i friend from Iran though who had family who’d experience serious persecution.

    With regards to jurisprudence, and the ‘shia perspective’, what’s happening to Bahai’s is not religiously mandated in the sense that Baha'is are not specifically named in shia texts (if that’s what you mean) but I would not be surprised to hear that pseudo-religious beliefs are used to oppress them, as so often happens with religious minorities

    I’m hoping @iranian-diaspora can offer a better answer to this. I hope your family is in a safer place now and that you are doing well.

  • iranian-diaspora:

    The treatment of Baha'is in Iran is a huge disgrace and there is no justification for it morally, ethically, religiously, politically, etc.

    Iran is one of the few countries where Shias have institutional power and have privilege based on religion, however. It’s a problem with Muslims who have institutional power and persecution of Baha'i people isn’t specific to Shias because it’s a problem in Sunni majority countries where Shias are persecuted, too.

    I’m not saying that to excuse it, but just to say that wherever Muslims have institutional power (Iran just happens to be Shia), religious minorities are treated poorly.

    The Bahai religion was founded in Iran a little over 100 years ago, so many of the people who converted to the religion after its founding were originally Muslim, and leaving Islam on top of believing in prophets after Muhammad (Baha'is believe in their prophet as well as a new prophet every 1000 years) are some of the reasons why they’re persecuted by Muslims. It still isn’t an excuse and tbh as a Shia myself it bothers me that Iran will be the first to advocate against religious persecution of Shias but will persecute Baha'i people. It’s really hypocritical.

    Bahai people who are openly Baha'i and who are activists aren’t allowed to attend university (there were some Baha'i people who were protesting for their right to attend university and were jailed for it), weren’t/aren’t allowed to have passports (idk if this is still a thing but I know for sure it was at least), have pressure from the government to shut down their businesses, get their places of worship vandalized/destroyed, etc.

    Many of the people who leave Iran as refugees are Baha'i people who leave to because Iran treats them like shit.

    Baha'i persecution also isn’t specific to the post 1979 regime/Islamic republic, it’s been an issue since the founding of their religion, and their prophet was exiled to Palestine where he died. His shrine is a hajj site for Bahai people in the Baha'i gardens in Haifa.

July 06 2017


World Faith Leaders Deliver A Rare Joint Statement – Collective Evolution

“Religion is a controversial subject to discuss, as people have so many varying and conflicting beliefs. The effects can be severe, ranging from people inadvertently judging and shying away from those who do not share their beliefs, to destroying countries and killing their people. War and religion were never meant to mix, and yet, somehow the world we live in today is filled with internal and external wars that keep world unity from flourishing.

So, is the answer to not have faith at all?

The world’s most prominent religious leaders came together to present their answer on how faith can work in the world. The pope, Dalai Lama, and Ayatollah Sayyid Fadhel Al-Milani, among others, issued a joint statement with a simple yet important message: Make friends with people of other faiths.”

May 14 2017



«In my opinion, real religion and real art must emerge from materialistic explanation of life; we must destroy all fakes to discover real mystery.»

Torahiko Terada (寺田寅彥), Japanese physicist, 1921

March 07 2017


March 03 2017


hybrid-alien.tumblr.com: Was Buddha an Extraterrestrial?

Gautama Buddha was born in what is now Nepal sometime around 500 to 600 Before the Common Era and he was the original figure in the teachings that became Buddhism. The Buddha traveled around India spreading his teachings and was perceived as a human, but an extraordinary one with supernatural powers. So one must ask: was Buddha an Extraterrestrial? He allegedly attained his abilities through deep meditation during the time when he had renounced the world and lived as an ascetic, but since his birth many legends contradict this.

It is said that immediately after the birth of Siddhartha Gautama he stood up, took seven steps north, and uttered:

I am chief of the world, Eldest am I in the world, Foremost am I in the world. This is the last birth. There is now no more coming to be

Furthermore, every place the baby Buddha placed his foot, a lotus flower bloomed. The Majjhima Nikāya states that the Buddha had more superpowers than any other being including being able to walk on water which is further verified in the Aṅguttara Nikāya. The Buddha could multiply into a million and then return, he could travel through space, he could make himself as big as a giant and then as small as an ant, walk through mountains, he could dive in and out of the earth, he could travel to Heavens to school the Gods and return to earth. He actually projected and built, through pure psychic power, a bejeweled walkway up in the sky. And he paced up and down that walkway filled with jewels for about a week. Near the end of his life, Buddha and his many disciples attempted to cross the Ganges, but were blocked by raging floodwaters. He sees people on one side of the Ganges trying to build up these frail rafts, trying to cross the river. What he does is in an instant, and the text says that in the time it takes for a strong man to stretch out his bent arm, the Buddha appears on the other side of the river. Are we talking about teleportation? Some type of technology that was misinterpreted as a miracle?

Other powers that Gautama Buddha is alleged to have possessed and exercised include Telepathy, super-hearing, divine seeing and seeing past lives. These are described in the Mahasihanada Sutta.

Could the revolutionary teachings from Buddhism come from an extraterrestrial source? And could Buddha himself be an extraterrestrial?


May 13 2015

Tags: Religion
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April 01 2015

March 20 2015


March 15 2015


February 23 2015


religion and young generation Iranians

  • Anonymous asked: Would you say the young generation of Iranians in Iran are actually religious? Or is it imposed upon them?

  • iran-daily answered: this is really difficult to answer since i don’t live in iran, but i can tell you from the things i’ve heard from cousins who live there and what i’ve understood is that young iranians can basically be split into three categories when it comes to religion: the ones who actively practice religion, the ones who have become less religious/left religion altogether (mostly because of religious pressure from the government), and probably the largest group of young iranians are the ones who have remained religious while adopting modern pastimes and decorum. so i’d say; most of the young generation of iranians (living in iran!! because it’s an entirely different story with young iranians living outside of iran) are religious, but not in the ”extreme” way the government wants them to be.

Tags: Iran Religion
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