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September 19 2019


Islamophobia – Muslim Council of Hong Kong

  • Muslim inmates in China detention camp forced to eat pork, drink alcohol and physically tortured as some commit suicide (May 19, 2018)

    «China has blamed violent attacks in Xinjiang in recent years on Islamist extremists bent on waging holy war on the state, with radical ideas said to be coming from abroad over the Internet and from visits to foreign countries by Uighurs, the region’s predominant ethnic group.

    In response, Beijing has turned the entire region into a 21st-century surveillance state, with ubiquitous checkpoints and widespread use of facial recognition technology, and has even forced Muslims to install spyware on their phones that allows the authorities to monitor their activity online, experts say. Long beards and veils have been banned, and overt expression of religious sentiment is likely to cause immediate suspicion.

    In an extension of the already pervasive program of human surveillance, more than 1 million Communist Party cadres have been dispatched to spend days on end staying in the homes of families — most of them Muslim — throughout Xinjiang, according to a report by Human Rights Watch released this week. There, they carry out political indoctrination and report back on anything from the extent of religious beliefs to uncleanliness and alcoholism.»

  • Uyghur Muslim women being forced into marriage to Chinese men as Ugyhur men are being sent to concentration camps, gene washing in motion (June 1, 2018)

    «…eight aspects of China’s extensive assimilation policy in Xinjiang that has been underway since 1949:

    1. Sincization of Uyghur alphabet,
    2. censorship of Uyghur books,
    3. coercion of Uyghur intellectuals to pledge loyalty to the Communist Party of China,
    4. banning of traditional clothing,
    5. criminalization of “halal” labels,
    6. assigning Han officials to Uyghur families,
    7. banning Islamic names, and
    8. destroying historic buildings in Kashgar.»

  • “Uyghur Muslims under China’s draconian rule can neither fast nor pray during this Ramadan, 3 years in a row”, says Uyghur American Association (May 7, 2019)

    «Activists and U.S. politicians meanwhile called for greater world attention to and condemnation of China’s network of political “re-education camps” that have held up to 1.5 million Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities accused of harboring “strong religious views” and “politically incorrect” ideas since April 2017 as reported by Radio Free Asia.

    Authorities in Xinjiang have typically forced restaurants to stay open and restricted access to mosques during Ramadan to discourage traditional observation of the holy month, and in recent years authorities’ have tried to ban fasting among Uyghurs, drawing widespread criticism from rights groups.

    “The entire Muslim world has started fasting and praying. But unfortunately the Uyghur Muslims under China’s draconian rule can neither fast nor pray during this Ramadan,” said Ilshat Hassan, president of the Washington-based Uyghur American Association.

    “It is not just Uyghurs’ Islamic faith that is under Chinese attack but also their very existence as a unique indigenous people,” he told RFA’s Uyghur Service.

    “The international community needs to take action for China locking up millions of Uyghurs in concentration camps. And the Muslim world, especially OIC, should hold China accountable for its anti-Islamic policy and crimes against humanity,” added Hassan.»


China Is Treating Islam Like a Mental Illness

«The sheer scale of the internment camp system, which according to The Wall Street Journal has doubled in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region just within the last year, is mindboggling. The U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China describes it as “the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today.” Beijing began by targeting Uighur extremists, but now even benign manifestations of Muslim identity—like growing a long beard—can get a Uighur sent to a camp, the Journal noted. Earlier this month, when a UN panel confronted a senior Chinese official about the camps, he said there are “no such things as reeducation centers,” even though government documents refer to the facilities that way. Instead, he claimed they’re just vocational schools for criminals.

China has been selling a very different narrative to its own population. Although the authorities frequently describe the internment camps as schools, they also liken them to another type of institution: hospitals. Here’s an excerpt from an official Communist Party audio recording, which was transmitted last year to Uighurs via WeChat, a social-media platform, and which was transcribed and translated by Radio Free Asia:

Members of the public who have been chosen for reeducation have been infected by an ideological illness. They have been infected with religious extremism and violent terrorist ideology, and therefore they must seek treatment from a hospital as an inpatient. … The religious extremist ideology is a type of poisonous medicine, which confuses the mind of the people. … If we do not eradicate religious extremism at its roots, the violent terrorist incidents will grow and spread all over like an incurable malignant tumor.

“Religious belief is seen as a pathology” in China, explained James Millward, a professor of Chinese history at Georgetown University, adding that Beijing often claims religion fuels extremism and separatism. “So now they’re calling reeducation camps ‘hospitals’ meant to cure thinking. It’s like an inoculation, a search-and-destroy medical procedure that they want to apply to the whole Uighur population, to kill the germs of extremism. But it’s not just giving someone a shot—it’s locking them up for months in bad conditions.”»


Uighurs of China - 1.5 Million Held in Prison Camps - Fact Sheet

July 30, 2019

«As many as 1.5 million Uighurs are being held in Chinese prison camps. This Uighur fact sheet and explainer on the Chinese Uighur people look at the current crackdown and persecution that is taking place in China against the Uighur people.»


Details Emerge About Xinjiang Reeducation Camp System

May 17, 2018

«The camps have been reported in recent months as part of an ongoing crackdown in the region, launched in 2014 and later extended, which is targeting the native Uyghur ethnic minority in an effort to stop violent attacks which have been carried out in Xinjiang and elsewhere in China. Rights groups and Uyghur exiles blame the crackdown on increased ethnic tensions and grievances among the Uyghur population, who have been subjected to religious fasting banslocal and region-wide rules against “extremist behavior” including wearing veils or beards, propaganda campaigns, a ban on “extreme” Islamic baby names, and more recently a biometric data collection system. The Chinese government has also turned Xinjiang into a testbed for new high-tech surveillance technologies, creating, in Adrian Zenz’s words, “perhaps the most heavily policed region on the planet.” Zenz also provides evidence of biometric data collection, despite government denials…»


UN: Act to End China’s Mass Detentions in Xinjiang

«“The magnitude of abuses allegedly occurring in Xinjiang demand uncompromising scrutiny from the Human Rights Council,” said Kenneth Roth, Executive Director at Human Rights Watch. “The Human Rights Council’s integrity demands that states not allow China to hide behind its membership or economic might to escape accountability.”

The Chinese authorities have detained Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims – outside any legal process – in “political education” camps for their perceived disloyalty to the government and Chinese Communist Party. In those camps, they are subjected to forced political indoctrination, renunciation of their faith, mistreatment, and, in some cases, torture. Numerous UN experts, treaty bodies, and the High Commissioner for Human Rights have expressed grave concern about the situation in Xinjiang and called for unrestricted access to the region.

China has not responded positively to these requests. In December and January, the government arranged visits for some journalists and diplomats to what they claim to be mere “vocational training centers.” Following those visits, Chinese state media asserted that visitors found the conditions there “impress[ive]” and detainees “in good spirits.” “China has had multiple opportunities over the past year to answer serious questions about the horrendous situation in Xinjiang, and at every turn provided narratives that strain credibility,” said Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General of Amnesty International. “China should recognize that only an international fact-finding mission can separate facts from fiction and set the record straight.”»


UN Chief Should Denounce China’s Abuses in Xinjiang

«United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres should join the growing number of those speaking out publicly against China’s mass detention of over one million Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, FIDH – International Federation for Human Rights, International Commission of Jurists, and World Uyghur Congress, said in a letter to the secretary-general released on September 17, 2019.

By publicly and unequivocally condemning the Chinese government’s abusive policies and calling for the immediate closing of its “political education” camps in Xinjiang, Guterres would make an important contribution in addressing one of the most pressing human rights issues during his tenure leading the United Nations.

“Secretary-General Guterres should use the weight and authority of his office to unambiguously call on China’s leadership to shut down Xinjiang’s abusive detention centers,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. “The countless victims of China’s latest wave of repression depend on his leadership in standing up to Beijing and demanding an end to the persecution.”»


【PDF】 Xinjiang Joint Statement

«In July, 25 countries issued a joint statement on Xinjiang at the UN Human Rights Council that raised serious concerns about the arbitrary detention and intense surveillance that the predominantly Turkic Muslim population in Xinjiang has been subjected to in recent years.» — Human Rights Watch

Saudi Arabia and Russia among 37 states backing China's Xinjiang policy - Reuters

«Saudi Arabia, Russia and 35 other states have written to the United Nations supporting China’s policies in its western region of Xinjiang, according to a copy of the letter seen by Reuters on Friday, in contrast to strong Western criticism.

China has been accused of detaining a million Muslims and persecuting ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang, and 22 ambassadors signed a letter to the U.N. Human Rights Council this week criticising its policies.

But the letter supporting China commended what it called China’s remarkable achievements in the field of human rights.»


The Diplomat - Xinjiang re-education centers


Hindustan Times - news about Xinjiang

October 18 2017


October 17 2017


Catalan separatist leaders detained amid sedition investigation — RT News

“Spain just created its first high level political prisoners over Catalonia's referendum.” — @JulianAssange on Twitter



YouTube: Help Catalonia. Save Europe.

“Please, share this video with your foreign friends and family.” — @CridaDemocracia

May 25 2015

  • WikiLeaks is hosting Transparency Toolkit’s ICWatch project after the original creators were faced with DDoS attacks and death threats from US intelligence analysts. The project reveals details for hundreds of US spying, assassination, drone and detainee programs.
  • US Cyber Command has blocked access to nearly 2500 “WikiLeaks-related websites” including publicintelligence.net, which revealed information about the massive block.
  • — from @wikileaks (May 21 2015)

    February 14 2015

    9832 0c78 500

    from: Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression, researched, written and edited by members of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, 2012. Download the PDF file here and read the full text.

    Reposted byin-god-we-trust in-god-we-trust

    February 13 2015


    Pamphlet: Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression

    Researched, written, and edited by members of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, this pamphlet focuses on the role of Israel’s government, its military, and related corporations and organizations in a global industry of violence and repression. The states most involved with this industry profit from perpetual war and occupation across the globe while maintaining vastly unequal societies of their own.

    February 06 2015


    @Pray4Pal: Israeli forces fired tear gas at houses in Nilin, 3 kids were sent to hospital due to suffocation.

    April 08 2014


    August 05 2012


    “Individual pilgrimages are an illegal religious activity” (from Uyghur American Association)

    The Chinese government places tight constraints on freedom of religion, and the situation in East Turkestan is particularly controlled. Imams are required to attend annual political education classes to ensure that they “stand on the side of government firmly and express their viewpoints unambiguously”; only officially approved versions of the Koran and sermons are permitted, with all unapproved religious texts treated as illegal publications liable to confiscation and criminal charges against whoever was found in possession of them; any outward expression of faith in government workplaces, hospitals and some private businesses, such as men wearing beards or women wearing headscarves, is forbidden; low-income subsidies can be withheld if a pledge to not to wear veils and to not possess “illegal” religious texts is not signed; no one under the age of 18 can enter a mosque; university and school students are forbidden from praying on campus, even in their dormitories; and students are prohibited from fasting during Ramadan. In addition, Uyghurs are not permitted to undertake Hajj, unless it is with an expensive official tour, in which applicants are carefully vetted for their “obedience to the law”. In recent years, restrictions on Uyghurs’ adherence to the Islamic faith have increasingly been codified into Chinese law, criminalizing peaceful religious practices among Uyghurs on par with illicit and violent criminal activity.

    Intensified Religious Repression in East Turkestan During Ramadan | Uyghur American Association

    On July 23, 2012, Radio Free Asia and on August 2, 2012, the Financial Times reported the establishment by local authorities across East Turkestan of “security and stability work plans” during Ramadan, which began on July 20, 2012. Under the plans, officials are posted to mosques across the region to monitor if government employees, teachers and students are attending prayers for the duration of the holy month.

    In the same Radio Free Asia article, World Uyghur Congress spokesman Dilshat Raxit stated that in Aksu searches for “illegal” religious publications (referring to any non-state produced material) were underway and that government officials had ordered Uyghur restaurants to remain open during daylight hours for Ramadan. Raxit added that mosques were required to hold ideological meetings with Chinese Communist Party officials to gauge the “mood” of Uyghurs attending prayers.

    Furthermore, an article from AFP dated August 1, 2012 detailed restrictions on Uyghur religious practice during Ramadan put in place by authorities at various levels of political administration. A statement on a website for a township near Kashgar read, “It is forbidden for Communist Party cadres, civil officials (including those who have retired) and students to participate in Ramadan religious activities.” Similar restrictions were posted on the Onsu County website, which ordered schools to forbid entry to the mosque by students. AFP added that the regional government website was encouraging people to bring gifts of food to officials during the month of fasting.

    Writing in the Financial Times, Kathrin Hille reported that education officials in Hotan were asked to “make sure that the students eat well.” Hille added that recent restrictions “are signs of even tighter measures.” A further indication that Chinese government officials are not willing to tolerate any kind of Uyghur dissent during Ramadan is the sentencing of 20 Uyghurs on alleged charges of terrorism and separatism that was reported on August 2, 2012.

    UAA President, Alim Seytoff said, “the harsh sentencing of these 20 Uyghurs, under circumstances that are far from international standards, is timed to strike fear into the hearts of the Uyghur people in East Turkestan. It is no coincidence that these sentences happened against the backdrop of increasing religious repression in the region. It is meant as a message to the Uyghur people telling them to abandon their faith or face charges of extremism, even for simple expressions of religious belief. All these measures do is further alienate Uyghurs if that is possible.”

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