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September 24 2019


European Parliament strongly condemns repression of women in Iran

«In her remarks to the session, MEP Anna Fotyga from Poland said she commended the women of Iran for their bravery, determination and will not only for their struggle for women’s rights, but for their protests against the regime.» … I feel this remark is about (illegal) regime change, rather than human rights.

Wikipedia: National Council of Resistance of Iran (redirect from NCRI women's committee)

February 28 2015


@Pray4Pal: The Italian parliament votes 300-45 in favor of a non-binding resolution urging Italy’s gvt to recognize Palestine

August 05 2014


March 12 2014


November 22 2013


US plots to kill idea of global digital privacy at the UN - report — RT News

The United States is silently watering down the text of an anti-spying UN resolution introduced by Germany and Brazil in order to ensure any extra-territorial violation of online privacy remains legal, according to a document obtained by The Cable.

According to a government document obtained by the publication, the US has circulated a confidential communique entitled "Right to Privacy in the Digital Age - U.S. Redlines."

In it, Washington highlights the US objectives in negotiations currently underway at the United Nations and calls for changing the Brazilian and German text so "that references to privacy rights are referring explicitly to States' obligations under ICCPR and remove suggestion that such obligations apply extraterritorially.”

Washington is also calling for its allies to support amendments that would weaken a UN draft resolution by Brazil and Germany aimed at constraining internet surveillance by the National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies. ...

“The US wants to lead the world after it couldn't dominate it. Now it wants to terrorize everybody with surveillance and false accusations against individuals and states based on this surveillance. All people and nations in the world have to say no.” — from comments on the report

July 10 2013



@avilarenata: OAS Permanent Council Adopts Resolution that Condemns Incident in Europe Plane of the President of Bolivia

  • OAS Resolution Expressing Solidarity with Bolivia Supported by Latin American and Caribbean, Rejected by the U.S. and Canada (The Americas Blog, Jul. 10 2013)

    Nearly every country in the region backed the resolution. The only holdouts were Canada and the U.S., identified in footnotes as refusing to join the regional consensus in support of the resolution. The U.S. has been identified as having provided the four European governments with the false intelligence regarding Snowden’s presence on the plane, according to Reuters, and could hardly be expected to condemn its European partners, especially given that their actions have resulted in a particularly serious diplomatic crisis, affecting European relations with a number of Latin American countries. But, rather than try to block the resolution entirely, the U.S. and Canada – which has almost systematically backed the U.S. agenda at the OAS in recent years – chose instead to discreetly voice their opposition in the form of footnotes. Nevertheless, the two countries’ rejection of the resolution has been noted in the Latin American media; the U.S. in particular appears to be more isolated in the region than ever.

April 05 2012


Tibet: Japanese Parliamentarians’ Resolution

from Central Tibetan Administration (Apr. 5 2012):

On the final day of Kalon Tripa’s visit to Japan yesterday, sixty Japanese Parliamentarians from five political parties of Japan passed a resolution expressing their grave concern over tragic self-immolations of Tibetans in Tibet and urging the Chinese government to end its decades of repressive policies by addressing the Tibetans’ grievances.

“We call on the Chinese government to respond postively to outstanding visit request from the Special Rapporteur on the freedom of religion or belief and halt the repression of human rights immediately,” the resolution said.

“Years of restrictions on Tibetans’ rights are the underlying causes of the protests by way of self-immolations. It is clearly time for the Chinese government to fundamentally rethink its approach by listening to and addressing the Tibetans’ grievances,” it said.

“We believe that if China realizes a truly “harmonious society” by respecting Tibetans’ rights, then Japan and China will be able to [get] a truly meaningful strategic benefit,” it said.

The resolution expresses the Japanese Parliament Members’ serious concern over the unending self-immolations of Tibetans since March 2012.

It calls on the Chinese government to end the suppression of Tibetans’ fundamental human rights by removing restrictions from the monasteries and patriotic re-education tactics.

It further urge the Chinese government to give clear information on the whereabouts and well-being of Tibetan monks and laymen arrested in connection with the self-immolation incidents. The media and foreign tourists must be given freedom to visit the Tibetan areas, it said.

It underlined that there should be direct and result-oriented dialogue between the Chinese government and the Central Tibetan Administration.

Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay briefed the parliamentarians in detail about the situation in Tibet and answered their questions.

Mr Lhakpa Tshoko, the Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Japan, who was presented at the meeting of Japanese parliamentarians, said: “It is unprecedented in the history of Japan that such a large number of its parliamentarians met to deliberate the urgent situation in Tibet with great concern and even passed a resolution. They have sown a seed for the future good of the issue of Tibet.”

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