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September 26 2017


Why snap elections?

Analysts see the early vote as his way to seize the resurgent support and exploit the current weakness of the opposition.

For months, Mr Abe's popular support has been badly hit by a string of scandals and unpopular policies.

In July, his ratings had dropped to less than 30% but then recovered to above 50% in September.

He denies allegations of cronyism and on Monday said dissolving the lower house was not an attempt at avoiding those allegations.

Mr Abe is also is trying to push through a controversial shift in Japan's post-war pacifist defence policy, calling for formal recognition of the military in the constitution.

Who will he be running against?

While Mr Abe's tough stance on North Korea has helped him regain support, his Liberal Democratic Party's (LDP) campaign is also expected to focus on social policies at home.

The main opposition Democratic Party went through a tumultuous leadership resignation in July and is currently struggling with single-digit poll ratings.

But Mr Abe faces a new challenge from a former LDP cabinet member, current Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, who earlier on Monday announced she was forming a new national political party.

If current opinion polls are confirmed at the ballot box in October, Mr Abe will remain prime minister but his current coalition with the smaller Komeito party might fail to secure the two-thirds majority needed for his plan to revise the constitution.

If he wins another term, it would put Mr Abe on track to becoming the country's longest-serving political leader in Japan's post-war history.”

— BBC News: Japan's PM Shinzo Abe calls snap election (Sep. 25 2017)

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July 27 2017


New details about Moritomo land sale emerge - News - NHK WORLD - English

Moritomo land sale scandal - allegation that the Abe government sold state-owned land in Osaka to the Moritomo Gakuen school corporation deliberately at an illegally huge discount. If the allegation were a fact, the officials who took part in the negotiations would be held accountable for malfeasance under Japan’s criminal law. Many people in Japan heard yesterday’s NHK revelation, which suggests an extraordinary discount was done on government’s initiative, and became convinced that wrongdoing by the officials is unquestionable.

Yasunori Kagoike, former president of Moritomo Gakuen, is an admirer of PM Abe; in addition, Abe’s wife Akie was once given the status of honorary headmaster of the elementary school that Moritomo built on the land bought from the government. Though PM Abe denies any wrongdoing, people have a strong suspicion that Abe and his wife are behind the incident.

Recently the Abe administration appointed Nobuhisa Sagawa, the Finance Ministry bureaucrat who defended the government from the Moritomo allegation with his testimony before the Diet, as chief of the National Tax Agency. This move triggered public anger - Abe rewarded a subservient official with higher position!


【阿修羅】 近畿財務局と森友学園 売却価格めぐる協議内容判明






“で、NHKが「土地取引では近畿財務局の背任が濃厚」と報道をした以上、ガサ入れて聴取すんのが「籠池のおっさんだけ」やったら片落ちやわな。そんなかっこの悪いことせんよね? 大阪地検特捜部はそんなことせんはず。近財も強制捜査するよね? ね? ね?”

— @noiehoie on Twitter






























— NHK: 近畿財務局と森友学園 売却価格めぐる協議内容判明 (via 阿修羅 2017年7月26日)


NHK良識派が森友国有地不正重大情報報道: 植草一秀の『知られざる真実』












July 25 2017






— 日刊ゲンダイ: 加計氏から供応 安倍首相に“大臣規範抵触”ゴマカシ疑惑 (2017年7月25日)




— @ozawa_jimusho on Twitter

June 24 2017


June 20 2017

  • thedailybeast.com: Is Japan’s Top Politician Behind a Shameful Rape Cover-Up?

    “Japan’s ruling coalition, headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has been mired in scandal for several weeks amid allegations Abe personally bent the law or broke it to benefit his political cronies and friends. Even a senior member of Abe’s own Liberal Democratic Party says, ‘There is nothing this administration wouldn’t do to crush its enemies and reward its pals.’

    But new allegations have raised the possibility that the administration may have gone so far as to quash a rape investigation on behalf of a close friend of Abe: the dapper, hipster-bearded broadcast journalist Noriyuki Yamaguchi, who also penned two laudatory books on the prime minister.

    The story became national news on May 29 when a 28-year-old journalist named Shiori held a press conference at the Tokyo District Court as she sought to reopen the closed investigation into her case. In accordance with the wishes of her relatives, she has kept her family name out of the papers.

    In a country where fewer than 10 percent of rape victims ever file a report, it is rare for victims to speak out and even rarer for them to show their faces.”

  • japansubculture.com: Shiori’s Full Statement On Her Ordeal

    “Two years ago, I was raped. Going through the subsequent procedures, I came to the painful realization that the legal and social systems in Japan work against victims of sex crimes. I felt strongly about needing to change this adverse structure, and decided to go public with my case.

    I will go into details later, but in the beginning, the police would not even let me file a report on this case. They told me that it was difficult to investigate sex crimes under the current law. Also, the person in question, Mr. Yamaguchi, was the Washington Bureau Chief of Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) at the time, and a public figure. During the investigation, I received insults that were unbearable as a victim.

    However, my intention is not to criticize the entire police force. The Takanawa Police eventually became sympathetic to my situation and worked hard to investigate this case. Thanks to their efforts, investigations were completed and an arrest warrant was issued. But just as the warrant was about to be executed, the then-Chief Detective ordered investigators to call off the arrest. I question the existence of a police organization that allows such unforgiveable circumstances to transpire.

    I also question the procedures that sex crime victims are required to undergo at hospitals in order to receive treatment and examinations, as well as the insensitivity of organizations that provide information for victims. A fundamental change needs to be made to this structure.”

    “I want to ask a question to all people living in Japan. Are we really going to continue to let this happen?

    For the past two years, I often wondered why I was still alive. The act of rape killed me from the inside. Rape is murder of the soul. Only my body was left, and I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I had become a shell.

    After the incident, I concentrated on seeking the truth as a journalist. I had no other choice. I felt like I would be mentally crushed if I considered myself a victim. Focusing on work was a way for me to protect myself.

    I then came across a photo documentary of rape victims and their families by Mary F. Calvert in a World Press Photo exhibit. In the exhibit, there was a diary of a woman who had been raped. In this diary, there was a drawing of wrist cutting, accompanied by a message that said, ‘If only it was this easy.’ In the end, this woman killed herself.

    I understand this woman’s pain. She doesn’t exist in this world anymore, but I witnessed those photos and received her message. And this is what I thought: ‘I have to reveal the horror of rape and the enormous impact it has on the victim’s life.’

    Becoming a rape victim myself made me realized just how small our voices are, and how difficult it is to have our voices heard in society. At the same time, I recognized the need to face this issue as a journalist. If I hadn’t been a journalist, I may have given up. I know there are countless women who have gone through the same experience, leaving them hurt and crushed. I know that, both in the past and still today, many of these women have given up.”

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August 28 2013

The revelations were quickly noticed by the Reddit community, where forum-members are famous for advocating transparency and authenticity above all. Some openly wondered whether Ohanian had somehow manipulated the site to benefit Stratfor. Multiple links posted on Reddit that redirected users to WikiLeaks’ page were mysteriously deleted throught the day Monday. ‘Reddit is just like any other mega-popular website. It sold out, and then it became a lackey for the government,’ posted user BankerShanker. ‘Now you can be sure that every comment you make is being stored in a machine somewhere, ready to be dug up and used against you; without context, and with prejudice. They made a back-door deal with the devil, and many Redditors are unaware of this fact.’
Reddit co-founder sought work with shadowy intelligence firm, WikiLeaks reveals (RT USA, Aug. 27 2013)
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