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October 04 2018


Shinzo Abe reshuffle leaves just one woman in Japanese cabinet

“…his decision to appoint one woman to the relatively low-profile role of regional revitalisation minister prompted criticism from an outgoing female minister and uncomfortable questions at his post-reshuffle press conference.

Asked why there was only one woman in his 19-member cabinet – one fewer than in his previous lineup – Abe claimed he had only just embarked on his ‘womenomics’ campaign to raise the standing of women in the workplace, although it is a cause he first championed soon after becoming prime minister in late 2012.

‘We must recognise that the ratio of women cabinet ministers is low compared with other countries, but Japan has just begun to create a society where women can be more active,’ he said. ‘I think we will nurture people who can become cabinet ministers.’

He claimed that the lone female appointee, the former career bureaucrat Katayama, had the determination of multiple women. ‘She is incredibly feisty. I know there is only one woman in this cabinet, but Ms Katayama has the presence of two or three women. I hope she will use that to promote the goal of female empowerment,’ he said, according to the Japan Times.

Seiko Noda, who was replaced as internal affairs minister by a man, said she was ‘extremely worried’ about the lack of female representation in senior positions in the party.”

Japan ranked 114th out of 144 countries in the World Economic Forum’s global gender equality rankings last year – down three places from a year earlier and the lowest among the G7 nations. The report said the poor assessment reflected the low number of women in politics.

Only 10% of MPs in Japan’s lower house are women, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.”

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October 29 2017


this is today’s Japan: PM Abe’s election rally. Akihabara, Tokyo, Oct. 21 2017.

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October 19 2017


テレ朝報ステも偏向報道アベノミクス絶望の素顔: 植草一秀の『知られざる真実』


October 18 2017


@kininaru2014111: 安倍晋三の得票数は選挙をやるごとに下がっている。


安倍陣営は万単位で票減らすか 首相お膝元の選挙区情勢分析 | 長周新聞


“陣営を引き締めるために徹底的に危機感を煽るのも選挙では常套手段だが、今回ばかりは本気で危機感を持っているのが特徴だ。医療機関に安倍昭恵が訪れた際も、これまでは挨拶だけ済ませてお見送りされて終わりだったのが、今回は各病棟に足を運んで手当たり次第に職員と握手して回るなど必死だ。その分、職員が集められて時間をとられ「私たちが集められている間、患者さんを誰が見るのか」という反発にもなっていた。さすがKYの異名をとるだけのことはある。前回選挙でも前前回選挙から1万8000票を減らした。今回さらに万単位で減らすとなると、「音を立てて4 区は崩壊している」と見なければならない。選挙の度に得票を減らしてきたが、地盤としては安倍晋太郎の置き土産のうえに胡座をかいてきて、金庫番だった奥田とか武田みたいな老秘書が去ってからは得票を減らしっぱなしだ。これは安倍事務所の実力が落ちていることを正直に反映している”


October 14 2017


PM Abe enjoys soba. Tochigi Prefecture, Oct. 3 2017.

September 26 2017


Why snap elections?

Analysts see the early vote as his way to seize the resurgent support and exploit the current weakness of the opposition.

For months, Mr Abe's popular support has been badly hit by a string of scandals and unpopular policies.

In July, his ratings had dropped to less than 30% but then recovered to above 50% in September.

He denies allegations of cronyism and on Monday said dissolving the lower house was not an attempt at avoiding those allegations.

Mr Abe is also is trying to push through a controversial shift in Japan's post-war pacifist defence policy, calling for formal recognition of the military in the constitution.

Who will he be running against?

While Mr Abe's tough stance on North Korea has helped him regain support, his Liberal Democratic Party's (LDP) campaign is also expected to focus on social policies at home.

The main opposition Democratic Party went through a tumultuous leadership resignation in July and is currently struggling with single-digit poll ratings.

But Mr Abe faces a new challenge from a former LDP cabinet member, current Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, who earlier on Monday announced she was forming a new national political party.

If current opinion polls are confirmed at the ballot box in October, Mr Abe will remain prime minister but his current coalition with the smaller Komeito party might fail to secure the two-thirds majority needed for his plan to revise the constitution.

If he wins another term, it would put Mr Abe on track to becoming the country's longest-serving political leader in Japan's post-war history.”

— BBC News: Japan's PM Shinzo Abe calls snap election (Sep. 25 2017)

— @tako_ashi on Twitter

September 25 2017

— 植草一秀 (via @yocibou)

July 27 2017


New details about Moritomo land sale emerge - News - NHK WORLD - English

Moritomo land sale scandal - allegation that the Abe government sold state-owned land in Osaka to the Moritomo Gakuen school corporation deliberately at an illegally huge discount. If the allegation were a fact, the officials who took part in the negotiations would be held accountable for malfeasance under Japan’s criminal law. Many people in Japan heard yesterday’s NHK revelation, which suggests an extraordinary discount was done on government’s initiative, and became convinced that wrongdoing by the officials is unquestionable.

Yasunori Kagoike, former president of Moritomo Gakuen, is an admirer of PM Abe; in addition, Abe’s wife Akie was once given the status of honorary headmaster of the elementary school that Moritomo built on the land bought from the government. Though PM Abe denies any wrongdoing, people have a strong suspicion that Abe and his wife are behind the incident.

Recently the Abe administration appointed Nobuhisa Sagawa, the Finance Ministry bureaucrat who defended the government from the Moritomo allegation with his testimony before the Diet, as chief of the National Tax Agency. This move triggered public anger - Abe rewarded a subservient official with higher position!

July 25 2017






— 日刊ゲンダイ: 加計氏から供応 安倍首相に“大臣規範抵触”ゴマカシ疑惑 (2017年7月25日)




— @ozawa_jimusho on Twitter

July 09 2017


Street demonstration & rally against the Abe administration, Jul. 9 2017, Shinjuku, Tokyo. The organizers say 8,000 people gathered in front of the Shinjuku Alta building.

July 02 2017


Japan PM Shinzo Abe set for big defeat in Tokyo assembly election: exit polls | world-news | Hindustan Times

“Embattled Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s conservative party was set for a major defeat in the Tokyo assembly election Sunday, exit polls showed, as he struggles with a series of setbacks and scandals that have driven down his popularity at the national level.

Former TV anchorwoman Yuriko Koike, who was elected the city’s governor in a landslide last year, was expected to seize a comfortable majority of the 127-seat Tokyo assembly, which the ruling Liberal Democratic Party previously controlled but is now bracing for a historic defeat.

While the vote is local, it serves as an important indicator of national political sentiment.”

The final result: Tokyo LDP’s crushing defeat. They lost 36 seats, winning only 23. Meanwhile, Japan Communist Party’s seats slightly increased, from 17 to 19. In the extra edition of Akahata (red flag) newspaper, they are celebrating their own victory:


Gov. Yuriko Koike is in reality no less right-wing than PM Abe, so the victory of her pseudo-reformist party isn’t good news; but anyway, the election result in Tokyo will become the beginning of the fall of Abe.

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June 25 2017


June 24 2017

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