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May 06 2019


mr_absentia (@mr_absentia@mstdn.io)

my Mastodon account - inactive now, though.

August 21 2018


@IranTodayPTV on Twitter - another victim of social media’s war on “fake news” source.

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August 03 2018

  • Anonymous: salaam. sometimes I go through muslim twitter... it's like a dating site and everyone's so thirsty. even fellow hijabis and it makes me cringe

  • bintalghazi: Sounds allot like a certain side of muslim tumblr


“If y'all want to know why Tumblr doesn’t purge bots, porn spam blogs, and pedophiles, just look at what happened to Twitter when they did it. It’s all about money.

Activity, any activity, boosts investor interest. Bots cause traffic, interests investors, brings in money. They don’t give a shit where it comes from, they just want the money.

Remember, the users aren’t the customers of social media sites, investors and advertisers are, we’re the product to sell.”

socialistexan (via bintalghazi.tumblr.com)

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June 07 2018


June 02 2018

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March 19 2018


September 30 2017


Social media gives people the sense that their opinion matters a lot more than it actually does.

June 06 2017


August 30 2014


April 21 2014


October 10 2012


Can Social Media Improve Voter Turnout?

We have all witnessed the power of social media. It helped elect Barack Obama president in two thousand eight. It also helped to support popular revolutions in two thousand ten and eleven that forced several long-time rulers from office.

Now, research suggests that social networks could have an even greater effect on elections, helping to increase the number of people who vote.

February 19 2012


Facebook, Twitter Help Teens Become More Aware of Global Needs

According to Pewinternet.org, a project of the Pew Research Center, "Social media use has become so pervasive in the lives of American teens that having a presence on a social network site is almost synonymous with being online." It found that 95 percent of all teens ages 12-17 are now online and 80 percent of those online teens are users of social media sites.

Michele Tvedt is the 30-Hour Famine national manager, which is an initiative of World Vision. She told The Christian Post via email that social media is effective because it makes teens more aware of the needs of others. The problem is they don't always know how to get involved on a practical hands-on level.

"Teenagers are being trained that pressing 'like' on Facebook or retweeting something on Twitter is 'taking action,'" she said.

This is why World Vision is using its 30 Hour Famine initiative to give teens a practical way to take action.

At the end of this month, thousands of teens will go hungry for 30 hours to raise funds and hunger awareness. They will only consume water and juice as they participate in local community service projects at food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

"The 30 Hour Famine teaches students that to care for the poor, it takes sacrifice … and it takes students from [a] somewhat passive action sometimes found on social media to sacrificial, proactive, educated action," Tvedt said.

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