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August 28 2019


@natashaskassam: If you can’t be in HK, the Lennon Wall in Taipei is incredibly moving, and I was proud to see @badiucao [Chinese artist] art everywhere. 香港加油

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February 02 2018


@Plaid_Cymru: Our delegation meets Catalan President @KRLS and his ministers to show Wales’s solidarity with Europe’s youngest independent nation Catalonia

June 26 2017

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“조선인민과 꾸바인민 사이의 전투적친선단결 만세!”

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May 22 2015


@Pray4Pal: Solidarity in the struggle to Free Palestine

May 20 2015


“Palestinian Authority (PA) Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki arrived in Caracas yesterday for bilateral talks with his Venezuelan counterpart Delcy Rodriguez.

Speaking at a press conference marking the diplomat's first official visit to the country on Tuesday morning, al-Maliki noted that Venezuela ‘is Palestine's most important ally’.

‘It's a country that gives without asking for anything in return,’ he added.

Rodriguez responded by reaffirming her nation's solidarity with Palestine, asserting that Venezuela is ‘ready at any moment to throw itself into the battle for [Palestinian] independence and sovereignty.’

Under the leadership of the late former president Hugo Chávez and his successor Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela has emerged as one of the most vocal champions of Palestine solidarity worldwide.

In recent years, the South American nation has led the diplomatic charge against Israeli occupation and apartheid as well as forged close diplomatic and economic ties with the Palestinian Authority, including oil deals, emergency aid, and scholarships for Palestinian medical students.”

"Venezuela is Palestine's Most Important Ally," Says Palestinian FM (venezuelanalysis.com, May 19 2015)

May 13 2015


@Pray4Pal: African Americans’ sympathy for Palestinian mothers

April 02 2015


momo33me: A campaign calling for an end to the Irish arms trade with Israel was officially launched by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) at a press conference today. The campaign, which is supported by many public figures and civil society groups, is calling on the Irish government to place an immediate arms embargo upon the state of Israel.

March 24 2015


Letter to Palestinian Women

by Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate – TRANSCEND Media Service

January 30 2015


#BlackLivesMatter meets Palestine Solidarity Demonstration in Nazareth

On a historic trip to Palestine, freedom fighters from Ferguson, Miami, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta were able to witness firsthand the effects of Israeli apartheid and occupation, and to learn from Palestinians who are actively resisting on the front lines.

From Ferguson to Palestine the struggle for freedom continues.

— from news.standwithpalestine.com (Jan. 16 2015)

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October 16 2014


October 14 2014

source: usceio.tumblr.com/post/99530361285 source: usceio.tumblr.com/post/99530441800
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source: usceio.tumblr.com/post/99530569630 source: usceio.tumblr.com/post/99530601460
source: usceio.tumblr.com/post/99530627145 source: usceio.tumblr.com/post/99530683480

#FergusonOctober: from Palestinians to Ferguson (via US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation)

September 28 2014


September 07 2014


August 25 2014


August 21 2014


August 20 2014


August 18 2014

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August 16 2014


August 10 2014


August 08 2014

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