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June 14 2019

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May 18 2018


sudaneseculture: Please let us help our sister Noura Hussein. Noura is a 19 year old girl, in Sudan. One of many whom are a victimsnof marital rape. Unlike most, Noura has defended herself. Noura was forced to marry a man, who raped her, having his relatives hold her down and at his second attempt she managed to defend herself and stab him. He died, she went to her family who disowned her and handed her to the police. She was found guilty of premeditated murder which is punishable by death in Sudan. On the 10th of May 2018 the court sentence Noura death by hanging. Her legal team now have 15 days to appeal the sentence. Let us help our Sudanese/ African sister. & Please sign the petition.


ahmedloso: SUDAN. Khartoum. Female Popular Defence militia given military training at camp in airport. 1993.

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nordafricain: SUDAN. Khartoum. Women volunteers in the PDF are given military training. 1993.

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March 01 2018


forafricans: Hadendoa women pour out of the Kassala Mosque. Kassala, Sudan.

July 23 2017


nordafricain: Arbat, Sudan. 2005.

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May 02 2015

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was reelected on Monday with 94.5 percent of the vote, the National Electoral Commission said. ‘The number of votes obtained by candidate Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir of the National Congress Party was 5,252,478,’ AFP quoted NEC chief Mokhtar al-Asam as saying in Khartoum. Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes. The mainstream opposition boycotted the vote, and he had faced just 13 little-known challengers for the presidency. The closest competitor, Fadl el-Sayed Shuiab of the small Federal Truth Party, won 79,665 votes, or 1.43 percent, according to Asam.
Sudan’s Bashir gets 94.5% of vote, reelected as president (RT News, Apr. 27 2015)

July 02 2014


June 25 2014


August 11 2013



from IRIB Japanese Radio (2013年8月5日):



June 22 2013


December 03 2012

A Sudanese Mother and her Child. (via Fuck Yeah, North African Women.)
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October 25 2012


Sudan Accuses Israel of Bombing Military Factory, Talks of 'Inside Job' (allafrica.com, Oct. 24 2012)

The Sudanese government has blamed an Israeli airstrike for the explosion of a military factory in the capital Khartoum on Tuesday, warning that it reserves the right to respond while Tel Aviv maintained the usual silence in response to the charge.
  • スーダンの武器工場の爆発 (中東の窓 2012年10月25日)

    ……個人的にはイスラエルの攻撃は極めてあり得ないことだと思っていますが、他方爆発は単なる事故ではなく、何らかのサボタージュと言う可能性が強そうですね。仮にそうだとしたら、一体如何なる勢力の仕業でしょうか? スーダン内の南スーダンに近い所の勢力とかダルフールの勢力との可能性も考えられますが、今のところ単なる推測以上のものではありません。

June 06 2012


Security Council urged to take steps to ensure arrest of Sudanese leaders for war crimes

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo today [Jun. 5 2012] called on the Security Council to adopt measures to ensure the arrest of Sudanese leaders indicted for war crimes, stressing that the Government’s refusal to arrest President Omar Al-Bashir constitutes “a direct challenge to the Council’s authority.”

“Those who bear the greatest responsibility have been indicted. The current challenge is their arrest,” Mr. Moreno-Ocampo told a meeting of the Security Council in New York. “It is for the Council to determine the measures to be adopted to ensure the compliance of the Government of the Sudan.”

June 01 2012


Sudan: Ban Death by Stoning | Human Rights Watch

The penalty of death by stoning violates international human rights standards, including prohibitions on torture and cruel and unusual treatment, and should be abolished.

Human Rights Watch opposes the death penalty in all circumstances because of its inherent cruelty.

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights allows countries that continue to impose the death penalty – a dwindling minority – to do so only for the most serious offenses, which would preclude such a sentence for adultery. Sudan is a party to this treaty and to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which prohibits imposing either capital punishment or a life sentence without the prospect of release on a person under the age of 18.

Sudan is one of only seven countries that provide death by stoning as a punishment. Sudanese judges have sentenced several women to death by stoning in recent years, but courts have overturned all the sentences on appeal. The vast majority of adultery cases and stoning sentences have been imposed on women, pointing to the disproportionate and unequal application of this law. The crime of adultery, or zina, also violates guarantees of a woman’s right to have control over and decide freely and responsibly matters related to sexual autonomy.

Sudan should also reform other laws that unfairly punish women and girls and impose corporal punishment, often justified as part of Sharia law, Human Rights Watch said. Under Sudan’s public order regime, women and girls may also face arrest and flogging, up to 40 lashes, if they violate article 152 of the Criminal Act prohibiting vaguely defined “indecent and immoral acts.” Women have been sentenced to flogging for wearing trousers and knee-length skirts, among other acts.

March 02 2012

The Chamber considers that in his role as Minister of the Interior and Special Representative of the President in Darfur and as an influential member of the Government of the Republic of the Sudan, Mr Hussein made essential contributions to the formulation and implementation of the common plan, inter alia, through his overall coordination of national, state and local security entities and through the recruitment, arming and funding of the police forces and the Militia/Janjaweed in Darfur. Furthermore the Chamber considers that his arrest appears to be necessary to ensure his appearance at trial and to ensure that he will not obstruct or endanger the investigations.
The ICC issues a warrant of arrest for the Sudanese Minister Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein (icc-cpi.int, Mar. 1 2012)

January 27 2012

Rights groups say satellite photos foreshadow Sudan fighting - Los Angeles Times

Rights groups say satellite photos foreshadow Sudan fighting
Los Angeles Times
A coalition of human rights groups conceived by actor George Clooney warns that new satellite photos show grave signs that the Sudanese government is gearing up to attack the Nuba people in the country's South Kordofan state.

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December 05 2011


Sudan: ICC Warrant Request Advances Justice | Human Rights Watch

The defense minister, Abduraheem Hussein, was appointed to the post in 2005 and previously was interior minister. He was appointed the president’s representative for Darfur in 2004, during the height of the conflict in the region.

“Defense Minister Hussein is implicated as a key figure in heinous abuses committed in Darfur, including attacks against civilians,” said Elise Keppler, senior international justice counsel at Human Rights Watch. “The warrant request is an important step to advance justice for the many victims of crimes in Darfur.”

Based on Human Rights Watch research, Hussein appears to have played a central role in the Sudanese government’s strategy of “ethnic cleansing” in Darfur. He is believed to have been involved in coordinating military attacks on civilians and “Janjaweed” militia attacks against specific ethnic groups.

December 21 2010


Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir (via Impunity Watch)

The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) chief prosecutor has accused Sudan’s President of funneling billions of dollars in government funds to his personal bank accounts. Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the ICC’s chief prosecutor claims the theft could be as high as $9 billion (U.S. dollar). The Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir has vigorously denied these accusations and believes the charges are an attempt by Western powers to overthrow his government.

The chief prosecutor’s claim was made public when WikiLeak’s released diplomatic cables between the United States and the chief prosecutor. The purported theft was confirmed by Mr. Moreno-Ocampo when he spoke with Reuters news agency. Although the ICC could not determine precisely how much was taken, President Bashir is accused of having stolen anywhere between several hundred million dollars to as much as $9 billion. It is widely believed that at least some of the money was stolen from Sudan’s thriving oil economy. If the $9 billion figure is correct, it would be a staggering sum, accounting for nearly 10% of the country GDP.

Additionally, it is not known where the stolen funds are located. The Wikileak’s cable claims the money is stashed in several banks outside of Sudan and possibly in Lloyd’s Bank in London. To further complicate matters, the chief prosecutor is unsure of the funds whereabouts and Lloyd’s Bank in London claims Mr. Bashir’s is not an account holder with their bank.
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