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September 19 2019


China's Huawei is driving AI surveillance tools in Africa — Quartz Africa

«At least 75 out of 176 nations surveyed globally are actively using AI technologies for surveillance purposes, according to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. These include facial recognition systems, smart policing tools, and the establishment of safe city platforms. The leading vendors of these systems globally are Chinese firms, led by Huawei, which has supplied these technologies to at least 50 states worldwide.

The study’s author, Steven Feldstein, wrote these tools were being used to “accomplish a range of policy objectives—some lawful, others that violate human rights, and many of which fall into a murky middle ground.”

African countries are still struggling to adopt AI technologies, with the report noting that less than one-quarter of countries investing in these systems. That’s partly explained by the fact the continent is still struggling with internet connectivity.

Yet Chinese companies are quickly penetrating African markets, offering soft loans for governments to purchase their equipment and promising to set up and manage these systems. In Kenya, for instance, Huawei has helped install video systems that deployed 1,800 HD cameras and 200 HD traffic surveillance systems across Nairobi. In Zimbabwe, the Guangzhou-based developer CloudWalk announced a controversial deal in 2018 to oversee a large-scale facial recognition program in collaboration with authorities.

Most of these arrangements have come under scrutiny especially in light of how China harnesses technology for social control—particularly among ethnic Uyghur Muslims in its restive northwestern Xinjiang region.»


How China Uses High-Tech Surveillance to Subdue Minorities - The New York Times

China’s high-tech apartheid in Xinjiang.


«How China Turned a City Into a Prison

Developed and sold by the China Electronics Technology Corporation, a state-run defense manufacturer, the system in Kashgar is on the cutting edge of what has become a flourishing new market for technology that the government can use to monitor and subdue millions of Uighurs and members of other Muslim ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Treating a city like a battlefield, the platform was designed to “apply the ideas of military cyber systems to civilian public security,” Wang Pengda, a C.E.T.C. engineer, said in an official blog post. “Looking back, it truly was an idea ahead of its time.”

The system taps into networks of neighborhood informants; tracks individuals and analyzes their behavior; tries to anticipate potential crime, protest or violence; and then recommends which security forces to deploy, the company said.

On the screen during the demonstration was a slogan: “If someone exists, there will be traces, and if there are connections, there will be information.”

A New York Times investigation drawing on government and company records as well as interviews with industry insiders found that China is in effect hard-wiring Xinjiang for segregated surveillance, using an army of security personnel to compel ethnic minorities to submit to monitoring and data collection while generally ignoring the majority Han Chinese, who make up 36 percent of Xinjiang’s population.

It is a virtual cage that complements the indoctrination camps in Xinjiang where the authorities have detained a million or more Uighurs and other Muslims in a push to transform them into secular citizens who will never challenge the ruling Communist Party. The program helps identify people to be sent to the camps or investigated, and keeps tabs on them when they are released.

The Trump administration is considering whether to blacklist one of the Chinese companies at the center of the Xinjiang effort, Hikvision, and bar it from buying American technology. Hikvision is a major manufacturer of video surveillance equipment, with customers around the world and across Xinjiang, where its cameras have been installed at mosques and detention camps. C.E.T.C. owns about 42 percent of the company through subsidiaries.

“Xinjiang is maybe a kind of more extreme, more intrusive example of China’s mass surveillance systems,” said Maya Wang, a China researcher for Human Rights Watch who has studied the technology in the region. “These systems are designed for a very explicit purpose — to target Muslims.”»

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September 25 2018


Syria to get Russia’s S-300: Here’s what you need to know about the missile system — RT World News

“On the heels of an Israeli air raid on Syria, which saw the downing of a Russian plane, Moscow will now deliver S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Damascus. Here’s a quick guide to the sophisticated weapon and its capabilities.

The Syrian Army has long sought to procure the S-300 from Russia, but talks which began in mid-2000 were interrupted by the civil war in 2011. The current air defense systems operated by Syria’s military are mainly the old-fashioned S-125s and S-200s. The downing of a Russian patrol pane by the Syrian missiles – which Moscow said was caused by Israeli jets using the plane as ‘cover’ - has now changed the game.

So, ahead of the deployment, let’s sum up the key specs of the weapon not to be underestimated by Tel Aviv.”

July 26 2018

  • wisegeek.com: What is a Web Bug?

    “The original Web bug is a transparent image, just a few pixels or less in size, commonly embedded in webpages or email to perform clandestine services for third parties. Web bugs allow the background on the page to show through, making them invisible. They are called ‘bugs’ after the discriminate, remote listening devices of the same name. The modern Web bug need not take the form of a tiny transparent image. Scripts, iFrames, style tags and other implementations within a page can serve the same purpose.”

  • knowprivacy.org: Web Bugs

    No Accountability for Third Party Trackers

    In our analysis of privacy policies, 36 of the websites affirmatively acknowledged the presence of third-party tracking. However, each of these policies also stated that the data collection practices of these third parties were outside the coverage of the privacy policy. This appears to be a critical loophole in privacy protection on the Internet.”

  • youtube.com: Web bug Meaning

    “Video shows what web bug means. A small, usually transparent image added by an advertiser to a webpage (to track its popularity) or e-mail message (to track when it is read).. web bug synonyms: web beacon.”

May 19 2018

When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles, and the instruments through which we shall be able to do all of this will fit in our vest pockets.
— Nikola Tesla, essentially describing mobile phones in a *1926* Colliers interview (via Booklover)
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March 20 2018


March 01 2018


“Mariko’s notebook”

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February 28 2018


danismm: The Seiko TV Watch TR02-01 (1982, Japan) sporting a 1.2 inch black & white non-backlit LCD screen.

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February 07 2018

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The message printed on the motherboard of the Tesla machine sent to space

December 24 2017

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October 12 2017

On this day in 1957, Sputnik launched, marking the start of the Space Age.
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October 10 2017


June 30 2017


Vintage NEC PC ad.

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June 28 2015



日本の哨戒機が南シナ海で偵察か (IRIB Japanese Radio 2015年6月27日)

June 04 2015


IRIB Japanese Radio

  • 2015/06/04: “AP通信によりますと、フィリピンのアキノ大統領の日本訪問に合わせて、両国はP3C哨戒機とレーダー技術をフィリピンに売却することで合意する見込みです。安倍政権によって武器の輸出規制を緩和する法案が可決されてから、外国に日本の軍需品が売却されるのは、これが初めてです”

  • 2015/06/04: “中谷大臣はアンドリューズ大臣との会談後、記者会見で、「日本とオーストラリアは中国の南シナ海における埋め立てに関して共通の懸念を有している」と語りました。中国は、しばらく前から領有権をめぐり対立している南シナ海の一部で、人工島を作ると主張しています。日本はオーストラリアの新型潜水艦の製造に関する入札に参加しています”

May 08 2015



“ ... Defense One は、報告の中で、「イスラエルが2008年からパレスチナの抗議弾圧に使用している悪臭を放つ化学爆弾がまもなくアメリカの警察によって抗議者への対応に使用されるだろう」と発表しました。アメリカにおける人種差別に反対する抗議運動の拡大により、同国の治安部隊もこれまで以上の弾圧の手段をとっています。その最新の行動として、アメリカの警察は悪臭を放つ爆弾を購入、備蓄しています”


April 24 2015


“Sony cameras are used as a part of the guidance system for Israeli rockets bombing Gaza”

The allegation had already been raised by Iran’s PressTV last summer. In Aug. 11 report “Evidence shows Sony helps Israel in Gaza war” they wrote:

“A piece of an Israeli rocket discovered by Press TV correspondent in Gaza showed that Sony Corporation has provided the Israel regime with cameras and high-tech control boards to equip its missiles.

A camera apparently manufactured by Sony has been mounted on the rocket piece to help Israeli warplanes choose their targets in the Gaza Strip.

The discovery comes as Israel launched a military offensive in Gaza on July 8 and has since carried out a large number of airstrikes across the blockaded enclave. Israeli forces also began a ground offensive against the besieged Palestinian territory on July 17.

At least 1,942 Palestinians, including 470 children, have so far been killed and nearly 10,000 injured in the offensive.”

Video is also available. If their claim is really true (WL revelation has made it highly likely) we should boycott Sony products.

April 23 2015


Leaked emails expose Sony concern over report its cameras used in Gaza attack | The Electronic Intifada

“Nothing to be alarmed at right now but, while Michael was out I worked with Nicole on a story that broke from Iran Press. They alleged that Sony CCTV’s were being used as a part of the guidance system for Israeli rockets that were bombing Gaza. In fact they held up part of the camera housing for all to see. Social media then mentioned Kaz Hirai and a couple of other Sony execs. We also noted a 12 August Facebook posting mentioning Michael and Amy (only 3 people ‘liked’ the post). It was not threatening and it has not materialized. The entire matter seems to have calmed. We will continue to monitor this.”

Fwd: 12 August Gaza Facebook Post - mention of Michael and Amy


“... [in the report from Iran’s Press TV] reporter Halla Alsafadi talks about visiting the Gaza village of Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis, where dozens of civilians had been killed by Israeli forces that had been besieging it.

At one point, Alsafadi holds up a piece of equipment that looks like it came from the head of a missile, drone or bomb.

‘This is another part of an F-16 rocket,’ Alsafadi states. ‘It is made in Japan, it states this very clearly. “Sony” and made in Japan. There is a camera right in front of this piece of a rocket. With this camera, they actually choose their target and kill their target.’

While the item Alsafadi is holding does appear to be a camera affixed to a missile part, she does not hold it close enough to the TV camera for the markings she quotes to be seen by the viewer.

In September, the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, a nonprofit group that tracks ‘the human rights abuse and advances of companies around the world,’ said Sony ‘would not respond to the allegations’ in the Press TV report.

But according to the group, Sony told Japanese media that it ‘does not design, manufacture, or sell weapons or any products intended for use in weapons.’

It is not surprising that Sony would not want its equipment associated with the Israeli military since Amnesty International has said Israeli forces displayed ‘callous indifference’ to civilian lives in Gaza in attacks amounting to ‘war crimes.’

But Sony’s lack of transparency raises the question of whether third parties are installing its equipment in weapons with or without its direct consent and whether it should exercise more control over end users.”

Leaked emails expose Sony concern over report its cameras used in Gaza attack (The Electronic Intifada, Apr. 20 2015)

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