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September 17 2018

Cherry Tomato Tart

This cherry tomato tart calls for a homemade herbed crust, heavy cream, goat cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and tons of tomatoes.

Tomato cheese tart with an herbed crust

Originally published July 8, 2015

An odd and unusual thing happened to us this summer in our garden. Something almost out of science fiction. [Cue otherworldly music.]

Let me back up. Before this year, The One’s and my vegetable garden took up all of a 10-foot circle around an old tree stump. We would dutifully...

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Homemade Tomato Paste

Homemade tomato paste is surprisingly easy to make in your kitchen. All you need are tomatoes, salt, olive oil, and a food mill. And time. Lots of good old-fashioned unattended time.

Homemade tomato paste

Adapted from Rosetta Costantino | My Calabria | W. W. Norton & Company, 2010

Homemade tomato paste, or conserva di pomodori , boasts a deep, mellow, caramelized flavor that’s wholly unlike the acidic taste of canned tomato paste, according to...

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Freezer Tomato Sauce

This freezer tomato sauce is essentially a simple homemade spaghetti sauce you make from your glut of garden tomatoes, stash in the freezer, and thank yourself for having done so come winter.

Freezer tomato sauce

Adapted from Susie Theodorou | Can I Freeze It? | William Morrow, 2007

If having freezer tomato sauce at the ready is something that sounds pretty nifty to you, then chances are you need to drop everything and make this easy, fresh, homemade...

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June 08 2015



from IRIB Japanese Radio (2015年6月7日 北川):


September 14 2013

The Best Way to Save Tomato Paste (And Use It Later) — Tips from The Kitchn

The best way to store leftover tomato paste

Show of hands. How many times have you actually finished a can of tomato paste? Be honest now. Here, I'll go first: Approximately zero. I tend to use tomato paste in recipes that require only a tablespoon or two, and then I stash the rest of the can in the fridge, furtively and guiltily, knowing it will not see the light of day again until it grows a thin layer of fuzzy organisms and goes to its final rest in the recycle bin. Shameful, I know. I feel shame.

There is, however, an answer to tomato paste waste. This is the very best way to store it away and make it easy to use later. It's time to rescue your tomato paste!


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September 01 2013


'Tomatoes are Christian,' Egyptian Salafi group warns

The [Popular Egyptian Islamic] association published the warning on its Facebook page with a photo of a tomato cut in half, revealing a cross-shaped interior.

A message posted on the page read, "Eating tomatoes is forbidden because they are Christian. [The tomato] praises the cross instead of Allah and says that Allah is three [in reference to the Holy Trinity]."

The message went on to say, "I implore you to spread this photo because there is a sister from Palestine who saw the Prophet of Allah in a vision and he was crying, warning his nation against eating [tomatoes]. If you don’t spread this [message], know that it is the devil who stopped you.”

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