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September 25 2019


September 24 2019

  • @BarackObama: Just 16, @GretaThunberg is already one of our planet’s greatest advocates. Recognizing that her generation will bear the brunt of climate change, she’s unafraid to push for real action. She embodies our vision at the @ObamaFoundation: A future shaped by young leaders like her.

  • @sahouraxo: If Obama really cared about our planet, he wouldn’t have dropped white phosphorus, depleted uranium and other toxic chemical munitions on Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

  • @TaniaGroth: What is actually happening...

  • @Decolonise: LOL I don't have anything against Greta as a person. I love her spirit but it is sad that too many adults with political schemes to maintain their own privileges are circling around her like hawks.

  • @TaniaGroth: She clearly does not realize that she is a pawn on a larger chess-board. She has a mental condition and adults are mis-using her, not much different than woman who keeps dragging her daughter to beauty pageant after another...to satisfy her own needs.

  • read: George Soros behind Greta Thunberg

September 08 2019


@Reuters [video available]: Thousands of Hong Kong protesters chant the U.S. national anthem and call on President Donald Trump to ‘liberate’ the Chinese-ruled city. More here: reut.rs/2UDOEDV

@spacelabtongs: The Chinese & Hong Kong regimes have embarrassed themselves throughout these months on behalf of all Hongkongers. Now we just want the US Congress to #PassHKHumanRightsAndDemocracyAct to end this nonsense.

@nobias_org: This was done by the NED or National Endowment for Democracy (CIA with a different skin), NED had done similar jobs in many countries, Venezuela, Georgia, Ukraine, Lybia, etc. Their goal is to destory each target and make them become US' puppet.


@aaronMCN: While there have always been a handful of protesters waving US national flags in recent months, today’s march from the US consulate looks to be the most red, white and blue protest that Hong Kong has seen

@CriticalCezanne [in reply to @aaronMCN]: Please liberate Hong Kong

@Dong__Xiang [in reply to @CriticalCezanne]: Yes, we will liberate Hong Kong like Iraq, Syria.

@americanrogue_ [in reply to @Dong__Xiang]: Iraq and Syria were much better off before "Western democracy".

August 30 2019

context for international media: @joshuawongcf, who was just arrested, is NOT the leader of the 2019 hong kong protest movement. there are no leaders. this is a decentralized mass uprising.
— @wilfredchan on Twitter
  • @SandyKum4: Hong Kong Government think political prosecution is useful to stop protest. Hongkonger will not surrender, NEVER!

  • @IntelJaden: Wilfred is right. The CIA are the leaders of this "decentralized" movement.

  • @JoeSmit60712921: It is so decentralised that people gather en mass to beat up anyone who disagrees with them, vandalise shops because they think the shopkeepers do not support them, and throw stones and bricks at police families’ homes. Being leaderless and a “mass uprising” makes it all OK.

August 29 2019


@SCMPNews [video available]: #HongKong activists were expelled from Montreal’s Pride Parade “after threats by pro-Communists”. #China supporters later tagged along uninvited and sang the Chinese national anthem during a moment of silence. sc.mp/ftwem

@billbirtles: Singing China's national anthem at a Canadian pride parade during a minute of silence to remember those who had died from Aids and homophobic violence... China's image abroad is taking a belting in the current super-nationalistic environment.

@AlexaKonger: Simply #chinazism

@platypus_happy: Absolutely disgusting. No respect, no morals, no conscience

@XolaniXtx: This is the beginning of a huge turning point. China might have done great in a short space of time in terms of becoming a political and economic superpower; but it still came at an expense of its people’s basic human rights. The system might implode.

June 12 2019

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July 07 2018


I wish people of Japan would have the same level of seriousness about the problem of Fukushima

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replies to @tancredipalmeri: “Amazing from Japan. This is how they left the changing room after…”

“This is nothing. Pakistan team would have cleaned the entire room, including the chairs and lights.” — @kickasss420

“Shame they didn’t leave pearl harbour like that” — @KNIALLS1991

minority opinions but I want to take note of them.

July 05 2018


March 03 2018


February 02 2018

  • @elnacionalcatEN: 'The Economist': Spain risks becoming a "flawed" democracy bit.ly/2BHB875

  • @IVKaBCN: Spain IS a flawed democracy. What it risks is everyone knowing it!

  • @erikwill: I would never use the term "democracy" to describe Spain after 2017. Spain is an authoritarian police state.

January 14 2018


December 26 2017


November 07 2017

  • @thespainreport: National poll in @elespanolcom: if a general election were held today: PP -20 PSOE +10 Podemos -26 Ciudadanos +38 Vox would get first seat.

  • @JulianAssange: Between corruption scandals and polarization over Catalonia, Spain's ruling party PP continues to fall in polls.

  • @lluisgerard: And yet they are the most voted party. Pro-155 parties gain votes and Podemos loses a lot. So, Spain will never accept a Catalan referendum

October 20 2017


October 16 2017


‘Mad dog’ Trump flyers ‘blown in’ from N. Korea found in Seoul (PHOTOS) — RT News


  • @TheRandomUniver: Their posters are pretty well made though.

  • @PeakLyon: NK: Where retro propaganda posters aren't retro

  • @PoppaBearUK: Anti-Trump flyers dropped by CIA and blamed on NK. So 1960's

October 13 2017


Japan general elections 2017 - too fishy polls.

@ShingetsuNews: Yomiuri poll is all good news for PM Abe: threat from Party of Hope fading and CDPJ gains only marginal support.

@ShingetsuNews: If NHK has it right, the Party of Hope has collapsed to former Democratic Party levels of support, and PM Abe's LDP heading for landslide.

@ShingetsuNews: Opposition parties all receive miserable support ratings in latest Jiji poll, with CDPJ (leader) more-or-less in line with Hope & Communists

Too fishy - yes I think so - given people’s criticism against PM Abe prevalent in social media. Former LDP politician Katsuhiko Shirakawa (白川勝彦) also raises doubt, in his latest blog post, about Japanese MSM’s extraordinary election coverage that strongly suggests LDP’s landslide victory. He says we may see surprising results in the upcoming Oct. 22 elections. Don’t be fooled by manipulation!

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