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July 20 2019

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My Twitter account has been locked - this is the third time.

I’ve been using Twitter since the early period of the service. At that time Twitter was a really exciting place - interesting (and often odd) users, creative 3rd-party apps, and Twitter was growing with activities of the user community. Now it has changed, in my view, into a system of control and manipulation.

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May 14 2019

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March 12 2019


August 21 2018


@IranTodayPTV on Twitter - another victim of social media’s war on “fake news” source.

August 03 2018

  • Anonymous: salaam. sometimes I go through muslim twitter... it's like a dating site and everyone's so thirsty. even fellow hijabis and it makes me cringe

  • bintalghazi: Sounds allot like a certain side of muslim tumblr


“If y'all want to know why Tumblr doesn’t purge bots, porn spam blogs, and pedophiles, just look at what happened to Twitter when they did it. It’s all about money.

Activity, any activity, boosts investor interest. Bots cause traffic, interests investors, brings in money. They don’t give a shit where it comes from, they just want the money.

Remember, the users aren’t the customers of social media sites, investors and advertisers are, we’re the product to sell.”

socialistexan (via bintalghazi.tumblr.com)

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July 23 2018

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July 17 2018


morality police in Iran

from iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com (Jul. 14 2018):

… she [Masih Alinejad] has posted multiple videos of “morality police harassing women in Iran” for their attire. She has spread the following video (i’m not tech savvy and idk how to embed videos from twitter so here’s a GIF):


She has tweeted this video saying that the two women on the right are members of Iran’s morality police and were harassing the woman on the left for not dressing properly, so she removed her hijab in response. The women on the right are not members of Iran’s morality police and considering Alinejad has lived in Iran, she should know what members of the morality police look like:


Women in the morality police wear dark green veils under their chadors and also wear a badge signifying their status. While I do not agree with policing women for how they dress and do not support the compulsory hijab law, I also don’t like fake, self-proclaimed activists such as Alinejad who are funded by western media outlets, which are controlled by pro-war politicians, who use and spread these lies to justify war/regime change in Iran.

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July 07 2018

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I’m surprised to see amazing number of people sharing the tweets about Japanese people’s behavior. I’m glad, of course, but in today’s Japan some right-wing elements often boast arrogantly about virtue of Japan; after the 2011 earthquake, I saw Japanese Tumblr users sharing a post that expressed strong contempt for Koreans, comparing their way of behavior at a time of disaster with the Japanese one. I hope people in Japan react to the praise from overseas with a humble attitude - most people will do so, though.

June 09 2018

So many people rip off my posts and comments about Iran onto Twitter and take credit for it not knowing that i see it cuz I’m active on Twitter too and that people even bring it to my attention

Just credit me it’s not that big of a deal
— from iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com
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June 07 2018


April 22 2018

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Twitter doesn’t allow me to tweet or retweet. I don’t know why.

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March 20 2018

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December 27 2017


I believe the person who are now posting to @JulianAssange is not Julian himself but, maybe, some staffer of the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Free Julian Assange, UK - this is the root cause of the problem.

December 26 2017


December 25 2017


Julian Assange’s Twitter Gone: A Look at What Happened

“On the early morning hours of Christmas Day, Julian Assange’s Twitter account quietly disappeared. Gone. Missing. Nothing but caches left behind. Hours later, Wikileaks’ and Embassy Cat’s accounts are still active, but neither has acknowledged this strange, mysterious development. And although some clues point to Assange’s possibly deleting the account himself, we don’t know for certain that’s what happened. One reporter is saying, however, that he has been in touch with Assange and the leader of WikiLeaks is fine. But he hasn’t verified this claim, which just leaves us with more questions. And while Assange is silent, many alt accounts are rising, trying to take his place. Here’s everything that we know so far.”


September 26 2017


Help Catalonia (@CataloniaHelp2) on Twitter

Help Catalonia. Denouncing the silent war Spain is waging against Catalonia.

September 12 2017

At Twitter's Tokyo Office, Protesters Stomp on Hateful Tweets

About one hundred demonstrators gathered outside Twitter Japan's Tokyo headquarters to demand that the company do more to rein in harassment and hate speech on its network.
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