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October 10 2019


October 09 2019


@tictoc: The NBA isn't the only business in hot water with China

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September 24 2019


news.com.au: Chilling video shows Chinese police transferring hundreds of blindfolded, shackled prisoners

«The footage, which could not be independently verified, was published to YouTube last week by a newly created account calling itself War on Fear. Clips were also posted to Twitter by the handle @warcombatfear.

“Our aim is to fight fear,” the video description said.

“The people of today’s society always live under the supervision of the government with high technology. People lose their freedom. The leaders of the Communist Party of China called them patriotic and loved the people. In fact, they only love the party and only love power.”

It added, “These videos were taken in China. This is the long-term suppression of human rights and fundamental freedoms by the Chinese government in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.”»


@HongKongFP: A video verified by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute shows up to 600 Uighur Muslim prisoners shackled and blindfolded in Korla, Xinjiang, China. Sky News reported that the footage is thought to have been shot earlier in 2019.

Chinazi concentration camp exposed? Watch video on this Twitter page. If the footage is authentic, the situation is truly horrific…

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September 19 2019

Carl Sagan on Global Warming

Clip from Cosmos episode 4 - "Heaven and Hell" in the "Cosmos Update" section from 1990
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Taiwan News: Netizens outraged by 'gene washing' wedding between Chinese man and Uyghur woman

«In the video, a host of a wedding party appears to ask the Chinese groom how long he has known the bride, and he replies "two months." Instead of being happy, the Uyghur woman has a sad look on her face, as if she is being coerced into the wedding. The person who uploaded the video indicated that it was an example of forced marriages between Han Chinese men and Uyghur women that the Chinese government is implementing to assimilate the ethnic minority group in Xinjiang Province.»

YouTube: Uyghur woman is enforced to marry China man

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September 13 2019


願榮光歸香港 Glory to Hong Kong, with Polish subtitles, uploaded to Twitter by user @idzpodpradpl. Hong Kong protesters call this song “national anthem”. For more info, read qz.com report.

September 11 2019


願榮光歸香港 Glory to Hong Kong

Watch MV on this Twitter post. Fucking amazing.

August 31 2019


shocking: Hong Kong police brutality. video via @hoccgoomusic.

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July 04 2019


June 11 2019


March 12 2019


October 27 2018

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September 21 2018

7518 3992
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August 20 2018


@PressTV: Too Realistic to be on the plate! Taiwan restaurant dishes up ice cream puppies!

August 06 2018

When New Yorkers hear a violin 90s_butta_quisy
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July 30 2018

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FTISLAND – ‘여름밤의 꿈’ MV
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July 27 2018


@CookChinese: Made #MapoTofu, for vegans, follow my recipe using water instead of chicken stock youtu.be/JylDlRtH9Tc

July 21 2018


Japan vintage TV ad: Marudai’s sliced ham, 1980. Marudai Food (丸大食品) is a longtime manufacturer of meat products in Japan.

source: youtube.com

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July 19 2018


little cats - via fuckyeahfelines.tumblr.com

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