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October 12 2019


A battle for the soul of the city: why violence has spiralled in the Hong Kong protests | World news | The Guardian

«Police brutality is not only strengthening protestors’ resolve, it has also swelled their numbers. Between the violent clashes, people have repeatedly turned out in their millions to protest heavy-handed policing; an independent inquiry has become a key demand at demonstrations.

The police have arrested more than 2,000 people, some as young as 12, the oldest in their 70s. The sight of injured protesters and mass detentions have spurred on others including many Hong Kong residents who say they previously shunned politics, to turn out in support.

“Before when people were gathering and they deployed so many riot police, some people would try to leave. Now they don’t,” said Cathy Lam, 24, part of a crowd of local residents from West Kowloon who waited hours to support protesters being arrested on a bus there. “You can see the conflict between police and citizens escalating day by day.”

There is a risk that violence – and the damage and shutdowns linked to chaotic protests – may alienate supporters, both in Hong Kong and overseas, and provide pro-Beijing critics with ammunition. Chinese state media widely reports examples of vandalism and attacks by protesters.

Yet so far, protesters have largely contained both the extent and focus of their violence, directing it at symbols of the government they are opposing. While authorities have denounced them as rioters, there is little of the random smashing and looting that characterises most riots.

“The so-called vandalism they have done is really exceptional, because here it is only focused on targets related to ‘injustice’ they see,” said professor Lawrence Ka-ki Ho, a specialist in policing and public order management at the Education University of Hong Kong.

“Most vandalism would have indiscriminate targets, but their targets are the metro stations, the police stations – not the luxurious shops, not M&S.”

For the police, by contrast, escalating violence has been disastrous, both sapping their support and bolstering opposition. Yet once authorities or protesters are locked into violence, it becomes difficult for either side to step away.

Negotiations to end the stand-off, which would always be fraught, are particularly problematic in Hong Kong, both because there are no real channels of communication between authorities and protesters, and also because the movement doesn’t have any identified leaders.

This is in part because of sweeping round-ups of prominent figures during past protests, and part reflection of the grassroots nature of the movement which has taken as its motto ‘be like water’ – fast-moving, powerful, but hard to grasp or block.

So even if city authorities want to negotiate, it is not clear if there is anyone with power to call people off the streets.»

October 02 2019


Shooting of Children is never acceptable

Media statement from Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights, Oct. 2 2019


«The Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights is deeply concerned by several police shooting incidents and the use of live rounds during demonstrations across Hong Kong on 1 October. In one incident, an 18-year-old school boy was hit in the chest by a live bullet fired from close range by a police officer in Tsuen Wan. We are deeply distressed and note that the secondary school student is still under serious conditions.

Our Committee does not accept the explanation of the Commissioner for Police, Stephen Lo to the media last night that “the officer made the right decision in a split second”. We worry that it would normalize police shooting in handling protesters, particularly those involving children and young persons.

Our Committee objects to any kind of violence and would like to call on restraint from all parties, and an immediate end to the escalating use of force. The Commissioner of Police must clearly instruct frontline police officers that any use of arms must strictly follow international standards and police guidelines.

It is imperative that the HKSAR Government must address the recent shooting incidents by commissioning an immediate independent inquiry to ease the public worries, and to mend the serious social conflicts right now in Hong Kong.»

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September 28 2019


September 26 2019


Amnesty International: Hong Kong: Arbitrary arrests, brutal beatings and torture in police detention revealed

«“The Hong Kong police’s heavy-handed crowd-control response on the streets has been livestreamed for the world to see. Much less visible is the plethora of police abuses against protesters that take place out of sight,” said Nicholas Bequelin, East Asia Director at Amnesty International.

“The evidence leaves little room for doubt – in an apparent thirst for retaliation, Hong Kong’s security forces have engaged in a disturbing pattern of reckless and unlawful tactics against people during the protests. This has included arbitrary arrests and retaliatory violence against arrested persons in custody, some of which has amounted to torture.”»


How Hong Kong police trained for riots – and why their response to protesters has been so violent


«The capture of police violence on mobile phone video and social media has not reined in the violence. Instead, the fact that the police are prepared to be filmed using such brutal tactics shows they understand they are immune from redress.

Hard to regain trust

However, the protesters remain resilient and undeterred. They too have learned lessons from 2014 – they are leaderless by design, both to prevent the police picking off the movement’s leaders and any falling out among different factions. They regularly outwit the police with their “like water” approach, inspired by Bruce Lee, dissolving away before the police arrive only to pop-up unexpectedly elsewhere. Their ingenuity and creativity have captured the public’s imagination.

The government’s repressive approach, by contrast, is backfiring. Many who might otherwise stay at home have been so angered by the government’s policing tactics that they too now come out in protest. They span all walks of life, from housewives to lawyers, accountants and businesspeople, and school and university students – and their orderly conduct undermines Beijing’s depiction of them as a violent, radical mob.

Frontline police officers not only face fatigue but doubts about the wisdom of exposing their families to public antagonism, as they continue to follow orders to fire tear gas into crowds which may contain neighbours, friends and relatives. The trust in police and rulers painstakingly built up in the aftermath of 1967 is being undone, and it is hard to see how it can be regained.»

September 22 2019

Broken bones, internal bleeding: Hong Kong police used ‘reckless, indiscriminate’ tactics during protests, says Amnesty

"...police officers meted out violence prior to and during arrests, even when the individual had been restrained. The use of force was clearly excessive, violating international human rights law."
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September 16 2019


September 08 2019


@laurelchor [Sep. 7 2019]: At the Prince Edward Station memorial for the *rumored* murder of a protester by the police. I saw a middle-aged man sob in front of the flowers while a young woman he didn’t know comforted him. Many are still placing flowers. Police tore down this memorial yesterday.


@badiucao: HKers demand to publish the 31/8 cctv footage from Prince Edward Station where HK police brutally attacked protesters & residents. Protesters are missing from that night. Public worried they might b beaten to death by police.

Reposted bymushu mushu

@badiucao: 7/9 Another bloody night in HongKong. Protesters got serious injury caused by the HK Police. Photo of a kid got beaten on the back of head by popo went viral on Twitter. Here is my drawing on it.

September 07 2019


September 01 2019


Hong Kong Free Press: Violence erupts across Hong Kong as police fire 'warning shots,' MTR closes 5 lines and officers storm train carriage

«TV news footage showed riot police beating people with their batons inside train carriages at Prince Edward station and deploying pepper spray, with many passengers seen to be cowering and bleeding. The government claimed in a statement that protesters were vandalising stations and attacking members of the public and officers had entered MTR stations to “stop all violent acts and arrest offenders.”»

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August 31 2019


shocking: Hong Kong police brutality. video via @hoccgoomusic.

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August 28 2019


@KongTsungGan: #SpeakOut #StayStrong; my body is not your battleground

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August 07 2018

  • sixpenceee [Aug. 5 2018]: Females in Dhaka are guarded by teenage students after several girls were raped by officials of the Bangladeshi government for protesting against dangerous roads.

  • myrandomthoughtsofrandomness: THIS! This is how change is made. Us women can only do so much, and have done alot, but real change with violence against women starts with the men and their attitude towards women. This is a perfect example. It’s a huge step in the right direction.

  • xlittleblackheartx: Why is this not in the news.

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August 02 2018

Countless studies have since shown that exposure to pornography desensitizes men to violence against women, often shaping their sexuality in such a way that they become unable to experience arousal without some element of dominance or violence. The evidence has been so damning that, at times, universities have refused to allow further research on the topic. When a study shows detrimental effects that cannot be reversed, ethics boards will often refuse similar studies to go on. This has happened repeatedly with research on the effects of pornography.
Maya Shlayen, Whose Porn, Whose Feminism (via bintalghazi.tumblr.com)

May 31 2018


May 18 2018


sudaneseculture: Please let us help our sister Noura Hussein. Noura is a 19 year old girl, in Sudan. One of many whom are a victimsnof marital rape. Unlike most, Noura has defended herself. Noura was forced to marry a man, who raped her, having his relatives hold her down and at his second attempt she managed to defend herself and stab him. He died, she went to her family who disowned her and handed her to the police. She was found guilty of premeditated murder which is punishable by death in Sudan. On the 10th of May 2018 the court sentence Noura death by hanging. Her legal team now have 15 days to appeal the sentence. Let us help our Sudanese/ African sister. & Please sign the petition.

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