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November 21 2019


@wikileaks: While the world knows Julian's name has been cleared in Sweden, he is sitting in a cell in Belmarsh prison, probably unaware of the news. The Prison cancelled all visits today. Don´t Extradite Assange!

July 29 2017


WikiLeaks - Target Tokyo

Press Release

Today, Friday 31 July 2015, 9am CEST, WikiLeaks publishes ‘Target Tokyo’, 35 Top Secret NSA targets in Japan including the Japanese cabinet and Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi, together with intercepts relating to US-Japan relations, trade negotiations and sensitive climate change strategy.

The list indicates that NSA spying on Japanese conglomerates, government officials, ministries and senior advisers extends back at least as far as the first administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which lasted from September 2006 until September 2007. The telephone interception target list includes the switchboard for the Japanese Cabinet Office; the executive secretary to the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga; a line described as ‘Government VIP Line’; numerous officials within the Japanese Central Bank, including Governor Haruhiko Kuroda; the home phone number of at least one Central Bank official; numerous numbers within the Japanese Finance Ministry; the Japanese Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry Yoichi Miyazawa; the Natural Gas Division of Mitsubishi; and the Petroleum Division of Mitsui.

Today's publication also contains NSA reports from intercepts of senior Japanese government officials. Four of the reports are classified TOP SECRET. One of the reports is marked ‘REL TO USA, AUS, CAN, GBR, NZL’, meaning it has been formally authorised to be released to the United States' "Five Eyes" intelligence partners: Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand.

The reports demonstrate the depth of US surveillance of the Japanese government, indicating that intelligence was gathered and processed from numerous Japanese government ministries and offices. The documents demonstrate intimate knowledge of internal Japanese deliberations on such issues as: agricultural imports and trade disputes; negotiating positions in the Doha Round of the World Trade Organization; Japanese technical development plans, climate change policy, nuclear and energy policy and carbon emissions schemes; correspondence with international bodies such as the International Energy Agency (IEA); strategy planning and draft talking points memoranda concerning the management of diplomatic relations with the United States and the European Union; and the content of a confidential Prime Ministerial briefing that took place at Shinzo Abe's official residence.

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief, said: ‘In these documents we see the Japanese government worrying in private about how much or how little to tell the United States, in order to prevent undermining of its climate change proposal or its diplomatic relationship. And yet we now know that the United States heard everything and read everything, and was passing around the deliberations of Japanese leadership to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. The lesson for Japan is this: do not expect a global surveillance superpower to act with honour or respect. There is only one rule: there are no rules.’

WikiLeaks Investigations Editor Sarah Harrison said: ‘Today's publication shows us that the US government targeted sensitive Japanese industry and climate change policy. Would the effectiveness of Japan's industry and climate change proposals be different today if its communications had been protected?’

Japan has been a close historical ally of the United States since the end of World War II. During a recent Presidential visit to Japan, US President Barack Obama described the East Asian country as ‘one of America’s closest allies in the world’. Today's publication adds to previous WikiLeaks publications showing systematic mass spying conducted by US intelligence against the US-allied governments of Brazil ‘Bugging Brazil’, France ‘Espionnage Élysée’ and Germany ‘The Euro Intercepts’; ‘All the Chancellor's Men’.

Read the full list of NSA high priority targets for Japan published today here.”

July 16 2017


Seth Rich murder: one year anniversary

  • Family releases statement on the anniversary of Seth Rich's death, vigil held in DC (ABC7 via WJLA, Jul. 10 2017)

    “The family of murdered Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich released a statement Monday morning on the one-year anniversary of his death.

    In the statement, the family says thank you for all the support they have received since Rich's murder as well as for the work done to establish scholarships in Rich's name.

    The family also thanked D.C. Police for their efforts as they continue to investigate Rich's murder, saying ‘While we are saddened that the crime has not been solved yet, we were aware early on, this was going to be a difficult case to solve.’

    Rich, 27, was shot in the back while walking home in the Bloomingdale neighborhood on July 10, 2016. This incident happened shortly before Wikileaks released emails which sparked the resignation of several party leaders on the eve of the Democratic Convention.”

  • Seth Rich: Family blasts ‘partisan’ investigations on 1st anniversary of DNC staffer’s death (RT Viral, Jul. 10 2017)

    “Rich, 27, was shot in the back and fatally injured while walking home in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington D.C. on July 10 last year. The incident, which police investigators believe was a failed robbery attempt, has been a source of speculation among some people who believe the shooting is linked to the leaking of DNC emails.

    In a statement released on the one-year anniversary of Rich’s death, the family have pleaded for those investigating the case to ‘cease using Seth as a political football in predetermined partisan narratives.’

    The family adds: ‘The continual push of false and inaccurate information about Seth's death, along with the harassment of Seth's friends, family and co-workers, hurts those who were closest to Seth, and does nothing to bring justice to his killers.’

  • Silent Vigil For One Year Anniversary of Seth Rich Murder (Big League Politics, Jul. 10 2017)

    “The police initially ruled that the shooting was a botched robbery — but his wallet, watch, and necklace were still on his person when he was discovered by police. He had bruises on his knees and his face. He was alive and able to communicate with emergency workers at the scene — though what he told them has never been made public.

    Despite the incident taking place on a street with many surveillance cameras, no footage was ever released to the public that may aid in identifying a suspect. Likewise, no dash or body camera footage has ever been published.

    Rich had been drinking alone at a bar called Lou’s City Bar in the hours leading up to his death. Police reportedly never questioned the staff on duty that evening.

    In June, tech mogul Kim Dotcom released a statement asserting that Rich was the source of the leaked emails, and that he had gone by the alias ‘Panda.’ Social media postings from both Rich and those closest to him reveal that he had an extreme fondness for the animals.

    ‘I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party in the United States. He called himself Panda. I now know that Panda was Seth Rich,’ Kim wrote in his statement. ‘Panda advised me that he was working on voter analytics tools and other technologies that the Internet Party may find helpful.

    I communicated with Panda on a number of topics including corruption and the influence of corporate money in politics.’

    Dotcom added that, ‘he wanted to change that from the inside.’”

    “In an interview last year, Assange also alluded to Rich having been the source of the earth shattering leaks, which exposed a massive plot to undermine the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.

    ‘Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often significant risks. There was a 27-year old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back… murdered.. for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington,’ Assange said during an interview with Dutch TV last year. When asked by the host if he would suggest that Rich was involved, he stated that ‘we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States and that our sources face serious risks… that’s why they come to us so we can protect their anonymity.’”

    “In a recently discovered video from the Election Data Summit in 2015, Rich was seen expressing concern about ballot integrity.

    ‘Seth Rich, with the DNC,’ he introduces himself, after clearing his throat. ‘I think some of you had spoken about provisional ballots and rejected ballots — I guess we have looked at, as an outside practitioner with a vested interest in training our voters, how do we get better access to data that tells us why ballots are rejected — why ballots are cast as provisional — so we can analyze that and develop better training guides?’

    The following year, nearly three months before Rich was killed, New York voters reported two highly suspicious voter purges that barred 120,000 people from being able to vote. The scandal lead to massive outcry from supporters of Sanders, who believed that the DNC was engaging in election fraud to nominate Hillary Clinton.”

June 24 2017


June 21 2017


Binney, McGovern, Rowley: WikiLeaks and the Global Information War

“Monday, June 19 marks five years since Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sought asylum in Ecuador. In the half a decade since then, Assange has been prevented by British authorities from leaving the Ecuadorian embassy in London despite the UN finding last year that he has been the subject of arbitrary detention. His case and the campaign against Wikileaks have caused a global debate over whistleblowing that rages to this day.”

As the Espionage Act Turns 100, We Condemn Threats Against Wikileaks

The federal law that is commonly used to prosecute leakers marks its 100th birthday on June 15,2017.

Signed into law on June 15, 1917, the Espionage Act 18 U.S.C. § 792 et seq., was Congress’s response to a fear that public criticism of U.S. participation in World War I would impede the conscript of soldiers to support the war effort and concerns about U.S. citizens undermining the war effort by spying for foreign governments. Although some parts of the law were repealed, many remain in effect 100 years later.

Most pertinent today, the law criminalizes both the disclosure and receipt of certain national security information. As a result, the Espionage Act remains the most common grounds upon which leakers of U.S. governmental information are prosecuted. Indeed, the recent charges against the alleged source of the NSA Russian Election Systems Phishing documents are based on the Espionage Act.

To date, however, the United States has never sought to prosecute a journalistic entity under the Espionage Act for either receiving secret government documents from a source or further disseminating the documents themselves or information from them in the course of reporting. There is nothing in the language of the law that prevents its use against a news organization, but it has been unofficially accepted that it should not apply to the press.

So it is alarming that the Justice Department is reportedly taking a serious look at bringing criminal charges against Wikileaks and Julian Assange for disclosing classified information . In so doing, the Trump administration is threatening to step over a never-crossed line – applying the secret documents provisions of the Espionage Act to journalistic practices. The threat is greatly concerning in the context of prosecuting whistleblowers, and, more broadly, preserving a free press.

The threat is greatly concerning in the context of prosecuting whistleblowers, and, more broadly, preserving a free press.

Leaks are a vital part of the free flow of information that is essential to our democracy. And reporting on leaked materials, including reporting on classified information, is an essential role of American journalism. The US Supreme Court, in Bartnicki v. Vopper, recognized that those who lawfully obtain information pertaining to a matter of public interest have a near absolute right to publish it even if their source illegally obtained the information. Prosecuting Wikileaks for its role in this fundamental democratic process will undermine these vital protections.

In sections 793(d), (e) and 798 the Espionage Act criminalizes the unauthorized communication of both certain classified information and information “connected with the national defense.” Section 793(c) also prohibits merely obtaining national defense documents “with intent or reason to believe that the information is to be used to the injury of the United States, or to the advantage of any foreign nation.” Whether the principle of Bartnicki v. Vopper would bar a successful prosecution against a news organization under these provisions has never been tested.

A strong defense of Wikileaks is not simply an anti-Trump position. As current events indicate, leaks are non-partisan: those on both sides of the aisle typically embrace leaks that are politically useful and condemn leaks that are politically damaging. President Donald Trump famously praised Wikileaks when disclosures of DNC emails benefitted him. He now threatens to bring the strong arm of the law down on it.

It can be difficult to separate rhetoric from a planned course of action with this administration. But there are strong signs this White House intends to follow through on its bluster.

First, CIA Director Mike Pompeo labeled Wikileaks a “non-state hostile intelligence service,” at an April 13, 2017 speech at the Center for Strategic And International Studies. The director then followed up by asserting his “philosophical understanding,” as opposed to a legal conclusion, that Wikileaks and Assange are not exercising First Amendment rights.

About a week later, Attorney General Jeff Sessions explained that his department was “stepping up its efforts” “on all leaks” with the goal being to “put some people in jail.”

President Trump also reportedly urged then-FBI director James Comey to prosecute and imprison journalists who published classified information. Comey’s failure to prioritize this has been cited as the one of the reasons for his firing.

Moreover, the president’s reported initial first choice for FBI director, former Senator Joseph Lieberman, has a history of belligerence against both the news media broadly and Wikileaks in particular. In 2010, Lieberman called for an investigation of the New York Times and other news media for publishing Wikileaks documents, proposed an “anti-Wikileaks Law” that would have criminalized the disclosure of intelligence source names, and pressured Amazon and credit card processors to choke off funding for Wikileaks.

Many of the other threats the president and those speaking on his behalf have made against the news media both during the election and since he took office require legislative action by either Congress or the states. Unlike his threat to “open up the libel laws”—which would require action by 50 state legislatures or otherwise be subject to Congressional oversight—the executive branch can initiate a federal criminal prosecution on its own.

We condemn the threats of prosecution of Wikileaks and call for all to speak out against the them.

One hundred years is long enough to let the threat of prosecution under the Espionage Act cast a shadow over our free speech and press freedom protections. Sign our petition, and tell U.S. lawmakers to reform this outdated and overbroad law.

Take Action


Read more about how the Espionage Act came to be and the law's murky legal history.

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May 20 2017


@PollyTickal: Resistance Summer? DNC, we know what you did last summer.

May 19 2017


@RussianEmbassy: WikiLeaks informer Seth Rich murdered in US but MSM was so busy accusing Russian hackers to take notice.

@VonRemenstein: Seth Rich killed for leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks. Media won't report because it proves entire Russia story is a lie.

May 18 2017


CIA is world’s most dangerously incompetent spy agency – Assange — RT News

“The scathing response came after RT asked the CIA to comment on the assessment of former agency analyst Ray McGovern. He suggested that the capability to falsify digital fingerprints, exposed by WikiLeaks as part of its ongoing Vault 7 disclosure, cast doubt on allegations against Russia in connection with the 2016 US presidential election.

‘Could it be that the “Russian hack” was really done by John Brennan of the CIA? If I were asked to bet on that, then I would bet that that was exactly the case,’ McGovern told RT’s Going Underground program.

‘What does that mean? It means that these trumped-up charges against Trump, pardon the pun, are baseless,’ McGovern added.”

“CIA spokesperson [Heather Fritz] Horniak also lashed out at RT for questioning the allegations of Russia’s interference in the US election.

‘The responsibility of the Russian intelligence services for the election-related hacking is an established fact, but it is not surprising that an identified propaganda outlet like RT would attempt to muddle those facts. No reputable news organization doubts Russian culpability,’ Horniak claimed.

In response, RT’s editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, said that such unquestioning obedience by the western mainstream media to the US establishment only leads to a decline in their popularity.

‘The CIA & Co haven't bothered to present a shred of evidence besides their own claims, and are now actually boasting about how happy the ever-loyal press is to unquestioningly go along with the story,’ Simonyan said, adding, ‘This is exactly why people have stopped trusting the mainstream media and are seeking out alternative sources of news and analysis.’


March 09 2017


March 03 2017


hybrid-alien.tumblr.com: Alien Invasion: Vatican UFO Disclosure, Are They Hiding Something?

(VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - DECEMBER 22: Pope Francis addresses members of the Vatican Roman Curia gathered in the Vatican Clementine Hall for the annual Christmas Greetings on December 22, 2016 in Vatican City, Vatican.)

For the past hundreds of years, the debate about whether the presence of aliens was true or not is a very old story. However, photographs, videos, and even testimonies of a few who claimed that they were sufferers of alien snatching became the people’s basis of belief and indication that aliens do really exist among us.

Now, there have been speculations that the Vatican just might have knowledge about these extraterrestrial beings. And rumor has it that they have been hiding this information from the public. What could it be? Why are they hiding it?

US Government’s Knowledge About A Future Alien Invasion

Wikileaks earlier exposed an email exchange between astronaut Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta about an imaginable space war, and how the Vatican has an awareness linking to their existence.

John Podesta used to be POTUS Barack Obama’s analyst, until he reconciled to become Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairperson. The emails even bare the character of a person named Terri Mansfield, who’s alleged to be the Director of the Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

As per Collective Evolution, Edgar Mitchell stated via mail about how the alien types are trying to send help to us by sharing “zero-point energy.” Study shows that this kind of energy could be used in travelling space; might be light-fast to travel to Mars, instead of years.

Vatican’s Role Between Claims

The Vatican had been open about the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. Vatican space scientist such as Guy Consolmagno and Father Jose Gabriel Funes released some divisive statements about the imminent discovery of the interplanetary species.

Even astronomers from Vatican - the very same church that belittled and condemned Galileo “for holding as true the false doctrine taught by some that the Sun is the center of the world and immovable and that the Earth moves, and also with a diurnal motion” in 1633 - recognizing the likelihood of the alien life theory.

Story has it, that the Vatican, home to the Pope, knows more about celestial lifeforms than it has led us to have faith in and holds alien mysteries it plans to reveal through a press conference in months’ time, a report by Disclose.tv claims. There is an article cited Father José Gabriel Funes and Brother Guy Consolmagno, both from the Vatican Observatory (the Specola Vaticana in Latin), an astral research and educational society supported by the Holy See.

In years, Father Funes, a master’s degree holder in astronomy from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina, has given declarations recognizing alien life in outer space. And in 2008, after NASA’s discovery of an Earth-like planet 1,400 light years away through the Kepler telescope, the Vatican Observatory Director wrote in L'Osservatore Romano:

“The discovery of the new planet Kepler 452b revives the idea that contact and, why not, the encounter with extraterrestrial intelligent beings of an alien civilization could happen in the near future.”

Father Funes was also quoted saying, “It is probably there was life and perhaps a form of intelligent life… I don’t think we’ll ever meet a Mr Spock,” In a 2015 article by the Daily Mail UK. “The discovery of intelligent life does not mean there’s another Jesus. The Incarnation of the son of God is a unique event in the history of humanity of the universe,” he quickly added.



June 24 2015

WikiLeaks - Espionnage Élysée

WikiLeaks - Espionnage Élysée

Today, 23 June 2015, WikiLeaks began publishing “Espionnage Élysée”, a collection of TOP SECRET intelligence reports and technical documents from the US National Security Agency (NSA) concerning targeting and signals intelligence intercepts of the communications of high-level officials from successive French governments over the last ten years.

The top secret documents derive from directly targeted NSA surveillance of the communications of French Presidents Francois Hollande (2012–present), Nicolas Sarkozy (2007–2012), and Jacques Chirac (1995–2007), as well as French cabinet ministers and the French Ambassador to the United States. The documents also contain the “selectors” from the target list, detailing the cell phone numbers of numerous officials in the Elysee up to and including the direct cell phone of the President.

Prominent within the top secret cache of documents are intelligence summaries of conversations between French government officials concerning some of the most pressing issues facing France and the international community, including the global financial crisis, the Greek debt crisis, the leadership and future of the European Union, the relationship between the Hollande administration and the German government of Angela Merkel, French efforts to determine the make-up of the executive staff of the United Nations, French involvement in the conflict in Palestine and a dispute between the French and US governments over US spying on France.

A founding member state of the European Union and one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, France is formally a close ally of the United States, and plays a key role in a number of US-associated international institutions, including the Group of 7 (G7), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The revelation of the extent of US spying against French leaders and diplomats echoes a previous disclosure in the German press concerning US spying on the communications of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German officials. That disclosure provoked a political scandal in Germany, eventuating in an official inquiry into German intelligence co-operation with the United States, which is still ongoing.

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June 21 2015


PressTV: WikiLeaks Saudi Cables

  • WikiLeaks to disclose over 500,000 Saudi documents (Jun. 19 2015)

    “WikiLeaks also announced that it has already released over 60,000 Saudi documents on its webpage, most of them in Arabic.

    Classified reports from a number of Saudi institutions, including the Ministry of Interior and the Kingdom's General Intelligence Services, were among the published documents.

    Many of the leaked materials, whose source is still unknown, carried green letterhead marked ‘Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’ or ‘Ministry of Foreign Affairs.’

    The documents indicate that the Saudi regime is considered a threat for its neighbors, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in a press release.

    The materials ‘lift the lid on a [sic] increasingly erratic and secretive dictatorship that has not only celebrated its 100th beheading this year, but which has also become a menace to its neighbors and itself,’ Assange said.

    He also noted that the documents ‘provide key insights into the Kingdom’s operations and how it has managed its alliances …, including through bribing and co-opting key individuals and institutions.’”

  • Saudis warned against sharing ‘faked’ docs after Wikileaks release (Jun. 20 2015)

    “The Saudi Foreign Ministry issued the warning in a Saturday statement posted on its Twitter account, without directly disputing the authenticity of the documents.

    The statement also called on the Saudis to avoid websites containing potentially false content.”

    “WikiLeaks refrained from naming the source that it obtained the documents from. However, Riyadh announced in a May statement that its computer networks was breached. A group calling itself the Yemeni Cyber Army later claimed the attack.

    The Saudi kingdom is known for its high sensitivity to public criticism. It has imprisoned many activists for criticizing the Al Saud dynasty while tightly controlling local media.

    Riyadh has been scathingly slammed by international human rights organizations for implementing repressive policies that stifle freedom of expression, association and assembly.”


“On Monday, Saudi Arabia celebrated the beheading of its 100th prisoner this year. The story was nowhere to be seen on Arab media despite the story's circulation on wire services. Even international media was relatively mute about this milestone compared to what it might have been if it had concerned a different country. How does a story like this go unnoticed?

Today's release of the WikiLeaks ‘Saudi Cables’ from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs show how it's done.

The oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its ruling family take a systematic approach to maintaining the country's positive image on the international stage. Most world governments engage in PR campaigns to fend off criticism and build relations in influential places. Saudi Arabia controls its image by monitoring media and buying loyalties from Australia to Canada and everywhere in between.

Documents reveal the extensive efforts to monitor and co-opt Arab media, making sure to correct any deviations in regional coverage of Saudi Arabia and Saudi-related matters. Saudi Arabia's strategy for co-opting Arab media takes two forms, corresponding to the ‘carrot and stick’ approach, referred to in the documents as ‘neutralisation’ and ‘containment’. The approach is customised depending on the market and the media in question.”

Buying Silence: How the Saudi Foreign Ministry controls Arab media

“Julian Assange, WikiLeaks publisher, said: ‘The Saudi Cables lift the lid on a increasingly erratic and secretive dictatorship that has not only celebrated its 100th beheading this year, but which has also become a menace to its neighbours and itself.’

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a hereditary dictatorship bordering the Persian Gulf. Despite the Kingdom's infamous human rights record, Saudi Arabia remains a top-tier ally of the United States and the United Kingdom in the Middle East, largely owing to its globally unrivalled oil reserves. The Kingdom frequently tops the list of oil-producing countries, which has given the Kingdom disproportionate influence in international affairs. Each year it pushes billions of petro-dollars into the pockets of UK banks and US arms companies. Last year it became the largest arms importer in the world, eclipsing China, India and the combined countries of Western Europe. The Kingdom has since the 1960s played a major role in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) and dominates the global Islamic charity market.

For 40 years the Kingdom's Ministry of Foreign Affairs was headed by one man: Saud al Faisal bin Abdulaziz, a member of the Saudi royal family, and the world's longest-serving foreign minister. The end of Saud al Faisal's tenure, which began in 1975, coincided with the royal succession upon the death of King Abdullah in January 2015. Saud al Faisal's tenure over the Ministry covered its handling of key events and issues in the foreign relations of Saudi Arabia, from the fall of the Shah and the second Oil Crisis to the September 11 attacks and its ongoing proxy war against Iran. The Saudi Cables provide key insights into the Kingdom's operations and how it has managed its alliances and consolidated its position as a regional Middle East superpower, including through bribing and co-opting key individuals and institutions. The cables also illustrate the highly centralised bureaucratic structure of the Kingdom, where even the most minute issues are addressed by the most senior officials.”

WikiLeaks publishes the Saudi Cables


Wikileaks: Saudi top secret memo says Iran bombed South Sudan - Middle East - - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

“WikiLeaks has so far published roughly 60,000 documents, of which The Associated Press has only been able to authenticate a handful. But the organization has a long track record of hosting large leaks of government material and insists the latest batch is genuine.

Saudi officials have not explicitly challenged the authenticity of the documents and Saudi diplomats have not answered repeated requests for comment.

However, the Foreign Ministry posted a carefully worded message on its Twitter account early Saturday morning, warning citizens to avoid visiting ‘any website with the aim of getting a document or leaked information that could be untrue and aims to harm the nation.’

One memo, marked ‘top secret,’ makes the startling claim that Iranian fighter jets bombed South Sudanese forces during a 2012 standoff over the oil-rich area of Heglig. AP noted there are many such hard-to-confirm stories in the Saudi documents.

According to the documents, Saudis kept a watchful eye on Iran's friends, real or perceived. One 2012 memo warned that Iran was getting ‘flirting American messages’ suggesting that the U.S. had no objections to a peaceful Iranian nuclear program so long as it had guarantees, ‘possibly Russian ones.’

Another memo, dated to 2012, accuses the United Arab Emirates of helping Russia and Iran circumvent international sanctions.

Many of the scores of documents reviewed by AP appear aimed at keeping track of Iranian activity across the region or undermining Tehran's interests. An undated memo apparently sent from the Saudi Embassy in Tehran made note of what it said was the ‘frustration of the Iranian citizen and his strong desire for regime change’ and suggested ways to publicly expose Iran's social grievances through ‘the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter.’ It also suggests ‘hosting opposition figures overseas, coordinating with them and encouraging them to use galleries to show pictures of torture carried by the Iranian regime against people.’”

20 June 2015

Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 1654 days. 
 – 1094 days inside the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Chelsea Manning has been in prison for 1848 days.  
Jeremy Hammond has been in prison for 1200 days.
Barrett Brown
has been in prison for 1009 days.
A secret Grand Jury on WikiLeaks has been active for 1946 days.

WikiLeaks News:

  • WikiLeaks began releasing the Saudi Cables, over half a million cables and other documents from the Saudi Foreign Ministry.
    • WikiLeaks: Buying Silence: How the Saudi Foreign Ministry controls Arab media
    • International Business Times: US refused Osama bin Laden son’s request for father’s death certificate
    • Sydney Morning Herald: Saudi Cables reveal secret Saudi government influence in Australia
    • Haaretz: Saudi top secret memo says Iran bombed South Sudan
    • Chicago Tribune: WikiLeaks reveals Saudi diplomatic intrigue, royal’s unpaid limo bills
    • Christian Science Monitor: What WikiLeaks reveals about Saudi diplomats
    • Times of Israel: Saudi cables reveal kingdom’s deep concern over Iran nuke talks
    • Middle East Eye: Leaks from Saudi ministry appear to show extent of influence over regional media
    • News Everyday: Saudis Offered $10 Billion to Free Mubarak
    • Sudan Tribune: Egyptian intelligence coordinated with Khartoum to assassinate S. Sudan’s Kiir
    • Global Voices: Saudi Cables: What We’ve Learned So Far about Lebanon
  • In response to the cable leak, the Saudi Foreign Ministry warned against sharing possibly “faked” documents.
  • The Intercept and Firedoglake both wrote in-depth reports on Google having to turn over Jacob Appelbaum’s data to the US Government as part of the WikiLeaks grand jury investigation.

Julian Assange News:

  • Human Rights Watch general counsel Dinah Pokempner criticized Sweden for “foot-dragging” in the Assange case, as he marked three years inside the Ecuadorian Embassy.
  • Julian Assange’s mother, Christine, released a statement to mark his three years inside the Embassy.

Chelsea Manning News:

Courthouse News released the first part of their exclusive interview with former Army Maj. Ashden Fein, the head prosecutor during the trial of Chelsea Manning.

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June 04 2015

2 June 2015

Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 1639 days. 
 – 1079 days inside the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Chelsea Manning has been in prison for 1833 days.  
Jeremy Hammond has been in prison for 1185 days.
Barrett Brown
has been in prison for 994 days.
A secret Grand Jury on WikiLeaks has been active for 1931 days.

WikiLeaks News:

  • WikiLeaks is raising $100,000 dollars as a prize to whomever leaks the full TPP document.
    • Julian Assange discussed the bounty during an interview with Democracy Now!
  • WikiLeaks tweeted that they will have a “major new release” tomorrow.
  • WikiLeaks warned about the supposed “expiry” of the PATRIOT Act: “Nonsense about ‘the expiry’ of the Patriot Act needs to stop. Only 2% of the Act has expired and almost all mass spying will continue. A raft of further spying amendments were tabled last night by R-Senate majority leader and the so-called USA Freedom act also expands them.”
  • Julian Assange, Sarah Harrison, and Eva Joly will discuss a European statute for whistleblowers at the European Parliament, June 4.
  • In response to WikiLeaks release of Carter Cables II from 1978, TIME wrote an article discussing what is the most important year in history.
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June 03 2015

WikiLeaks Launches Campaign to Offer $100,000 "Bounty" for Leaked Drafts of Secret TPP Chapters


Despite the Senate vote approving a measure to give President Obama fast-track authority to negotiate the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, opposition to the deal continues to mount ahead of this month’s House vote. Critics, including a number of Democratic lawmakers, oppose the TPP, saying it will fuel inequality, kill jobs, and undermine health, environmental and financial regulations. The negotiations have been secret, and the public has never seen most of the deal’s text. Well, this morning the whistleblowing group WikiLeaks launched a campaign to change that. The group is seeking to raise $100,000 to offer what they describe as a bounty for the leaking of the unseen chapters of the TPP. We speak to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Tags: WikiLeaks
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