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June 04 2018


May 25 2018


@AuthenticRabbis: Was asked now; If they are anti Zionist why are they in Israel? Well, I can say this, we used to live in peace & harmony in Palestine. The Zionists -we oppose from day one- messed it up. READ: truetorahjews.org/rabbibkaplan. We pray for a peaceful end to the Israeli Zionist Government.

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May 20 2018


October 12 2017


June 27 2017


Shavous - The Making of a Nation | True Torah Jews

“A nation, following the modern definition, is a group of people bound together by a common land, culture and language. At Har [Mt.] Sinai, those conditions were met only because of proximity, they were never mentioned as prerequisites for carrying the title ‘Jew’. The only precondition was acceptance of the Torah. Period. Cultures, languages and territories are all things that can be violently wrenched from a people. Faith, however, is a far more tenacious entity.

On [the holiday of] Shavous [the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai], it’s traditional to read the Biblical book of Rus (Ruth), which recounts how a Moabite princess converted to Judaism, later to become one of the illustrious ancestors of King David.

If I were to go to a Scot and say that I wanted to ‘convert’ to Scottish-ism, they would probably, and rightly, laugh in my face. The Scottish are an ethnic/tribal group were belonging is based solely on ancestral heritage. I could no more become a Scot than an Inuit could become a Xhosa. It is solely a matter of birthright. There is no conversion to a race or ethnicity. The Scot or Inuit or Xhosa could very feasibly become a Jew, however. Exactly like me. Their race or heritage has absolutely nothing to do with whether they could be accepted for the conversion process. There is one absolute condition and only one. Wholehearted acceptance of the Torah and the One who gave it. German Orthodox thinker Rav Shamshon Rafael Hirsch stated unequivocally, ‘Land and soil were never Israel's bond of union...’

The Zionist Enterprise has created a secular, nationalist identity that exists in and of itself. It has no normative content. In the process, they’ve robbed generations of Jews of the only thing that historically characterized them, exchanging an eternal mission for a cheap, bellicose nationalism.”

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March 04 2017


June 15 2015


May 22 2015


Illinois Prohibits Funds from Going to Companies Working with Boycott Israel Groups

from jspacenews.com (May 14 2015):

The Illinois State House of Representatives Executive Committee unanimously passed a bill yesterday that would ban state pension funds from including companies that participate in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel in their portfolios.

The 10-0 committee vote follows the 49-0 passage of the measure in the Illinois State Senate and precedes a vote among the full Illinois House, after which point the bill would go to the desk of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner for a signature into law.

B’nai B’rith International said in a statement that it “applauds Illinois citizens and their representatives for taking such a strong stance against a movement rooted in anti-Semitism that ultimately impedes the peace process by opposing constructive dialogue between Israel and Palestinians.”

State legislatures in Indiana and Tennessee last month passed resolutions condemning the BDS movement, but those measures were non-binding, as opposed to the Illinois legislation’s concrete economic action against BDS. According to B’nai B’rith, the Illinois bill’s proposed removal of BDS-participating companies from state pension portfolios “is based on existing legislation that the Illinois Investment Policy Board currently enforces, mandating that state pension funds be divested from foreign firms doing business in Iran, Sudan or other countries with known human rights violations.”

The Christian Zionist organization Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), which initiated the anti-BDS resolution in Tennessee, has released a list of 17 U.S. states that are considering or have already passed legislation that opposes BDS.

“I am calling on Christians, Jews, and people of conscience in the remaining 33 states to add their voices to this groundbreaking initiative by contacting PJTN.org and launching this initiative in their states. It’s time to confront these people (BDS proponents) and call them what they are—anti-Semites!” PJTN founder Laurie Cardoza-Moore said in a statement.

May 17 2015


April 06 2015

Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves... Politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their courntry.
— David Ben-Gurion, first prime minister of Israel, 1938 (via Israel is a War Criminal)

April 03 2015

People still get confused over Judaism and Zionism. Judaism is a 3,000 year old God-given Faith and Zionism is a man-made, racist, political ideology created in the late 19th century. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. It is wrong, very wrong to try and conflate anti-semitism with anti-Zionism...
— from Israel is a War Criminal

March 19 2015


“How did the British mandate or ww2 contribute to the origins of the Arab Israeli conflict?”

thepalestineyoudontknow answered:

The British Mandate was imposed on Palestine after WW2 according to Sykes-Picot Agreement from 1917-1948.

During this period, the Zionists were putting pressure on the British Government to facilitate the establishment of a ‘Jewish Homeland’ on the ‘Land of Palestine’ which was clear in the ‘Balfour Declaration’. Arthur Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, handed a letter to Lord Rothschild (a leader of the British Jewish community) for transmission to the Zionist Federation (a private Zionist organization), that declared the support of His Majesty’s Government to the Zionists’ plans of establishing a Jewish ‘national home’ in Palestine, ‘with the condition that nothing be done which might prejudice the rights of existing communities there’.

Pressure was financially and even through terror attacks on the British troops by zionist terrorist groups.

Jewish immigration increased to huge numbers and the settlers were given most of the jobs in the state leaving Palestinians unemployed also they were giving loans to Palestinian farmers who couldn’t pay back and ends up by taking their land instead of money.

Palestinians felt the racism and clear discrimination between the people of the land and the new comers.

Palestinians became aware of the danger and they repelled against both the British and the new coming settlers. Fight counted between both till out of no where the British declared the end of Mandate and the zionist declared the establishment of “the state of israel”.

During Nakba 1948 , British troops made it easy for the settlers to get armed while didn’t for Palestinians.

Also they were spreading propaganda that Palestinians should leave till the fight ends and made it easier for them through land and sea who are still refugees until this moment.

March 04 2015


February 23 2015


Lack of ability for abstract thinking.

  • eretzyisrael: I oppose IAW [Israeli Apartheid Week] because, unlike former South Africa, Israel doesn’t have separate water fountains, benches and football stadiums depending on the colour of your skin.

  • frompalestinewithlove: But they do have separate roads for illegal settlers, separate ID’s, and separate laws, all depending on whether you’re Jewish/Israeli or not!

February 21 2015





February 20 2015


February 03 2015


September 24 2014


August 30 2014


August 26 2014

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